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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Rockher Haute Jewels at


Business Details –

  • Name: Rockher Haute Jewels
  • Address: South Hill Street
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: CA
  • Phone: 18443309755
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 6000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Rockher Haute Jewels published at says, verbatim –


I am one frustrated customer who would like to share the agony that made me write the experience here. I want everyone to realize before it is too late. If you are searching for the reviews, you may end up reading this, and if you do, never buy anything from this website. I was given all the wrong impressions before I ordered the ring from this website. It was supposed to be exactly as it looked in the picture. But that was not the only problem. This website is all about making money. They would tell you wonderful things about their products and you won’t know until you get yours delivered to your address.I was willing to propose my love and it is already months delayed. I am very upset at what the company did to me and how my plans were delayed. The Rockher haute jewels website showcases so many great designs. You would feel like they have the best collection. But that’s a lie. I checked a ring and made the online payment for the same. Before ordering the ring, I even consulted the online chat where I was told that the ring, I selected was available and in stock. I was also told that the design was very exclusive and I would not find it anywhere. That was one another lie. I will get to that later.The ring that I ordered was supposed to reach me in a week. That was the perfect time. However, it did not. And, there was no mail for the delayed delivery. The guy on the chat also confirmed that the deliveries are rarely late. So, was I among those rare cases? But what about the courtesy of informing me that the ring was reaching late. The delivery was 15 days late. In between, I called several times and I was told that the ring would be arriving soon. These guys do not refund the money. They said that the ring was shipped and there was no way they can take that back.Moreover, I never opted for payment in installments. I paid in full. So, my entire money was in stake and these guys were unable to provide me a proper answer. The ring that reached, being 15 days delayed was not the one that I ordered. When I enquired about the same, I was told that the one I chose was out of stock and they had mailed me before sending the ring over about the case. This one was a little different from the one I ordered and they would be sending me the difference cost sooner. Guess what, the ring was cheaper than the one I ordered. And, it did not look at all similar to the one I chose.So, I declined to go with that ring and asked them to take that back. These guys won’t do that at first. But I kept chasing them until they finally agreed to take it back. They said that the money won’t be refunded, however, I can choose another one. When I asked about the time it would take to arrange the design I chose earlier, they said that it may take a month. Why was that even so difficult to get a design done in a week. Anyway, I did not argue on that and I selected the other design and mailed them the entire detail. Plus, I asked them to confirm if they have copied the design I booked.They did acknowledge the same. Later, they said that this time, they would make delivery faster. The time went by. It took them a month to deliver the ring and the ring seemed too cheap. The diamond that I chose was a little different from the one that they attached to the ring. However, I decided to keep that ring. Before proposing my partner, I did take that ring to a shop to check the cost. Somehow I was skeptical about the ring that they sent. After all that I had gone through, I had to be cautious. So, I went to a shop close by and requested them to check the same. I was shocked to see the same design that I ordered before at that shop. I asked if they had got that from Rockher and they said that it was their original design. I am not sure how that was possible when I was told that the design belonged to rockher.Also, the cost of the ring that they told me was a lot less than what I was charged by Rockher haute jewels. I was shocked. They showed me the way they had calculated the cost and it made sense. According to their calculation, rockher added more than 60% profit to the making cost. That time itself I knew that these guys scammed me. I knew they won’t refund the money or would take that ring back. So, I had to sell that ring to the same store and bought the one that I selected on the website with Rockher.Leading to this, I realized that these people are frauds. They do not care about their customers. However, they show designs that are not in stock ever. They send inappropriate orders. Won’t tell customers what are they going to deliver and once you are caught in their non-refundable policy, they make you do whatever they wish to.I call that scam and not a business. If you guys are seriously in the jewelry business, you must learn to respect honesty and show what you actually have. You did not give me a chance to make my own choice. You guys forced me to buy an overpriced ring and never felt bad about it. On the other hand, you made me buy another one, again overpriced. Neither I am ever going to recommend your jewelry to anyone, nor I am going to buy from you. You guys must be shut down. You people are scammers and I would spread that word to as many customers as possible.


Rockher Haute Jewels

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