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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ROTITA at


Business Details –

  • Name: ROTITA
  • Address: Yin Chong Street
  • City:
  • State: Kowloon
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 600 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against ROTITA published at says, verbatim –


Imagine if you had to explain a colour blind customer care executive that, the colour of the product that you had selected was peach blue. While the colour of the product that you have received is blue. And if you have to explain to him the difference between peach blue and blue! What is the probability that you would succeed to explain him over the phone? Rotita expects its customers to do the same! Not only their employees have this sort of problem, but also do the online eCommerce website needs to be more sensible than what it is currently.I am a regular online shopper. And so when it comes to buying, I know my sizes. I never have trouble finding the right size for myself and selecting it. Especially when it comes to clothes, I am very particular and I know it very well. My mind is never in the dilemma of whether it will be able to select the right size for the right cloth. I even know that size changes from brand to brand. Not majorly, but it certainly does. In clothing brands, it does. My experience of selecting clothes for myself was so bad, while I was shopping from Rotita that I feel that they should close their website for online cloth shopping and start a grocery shopping instead!My birthday was a week to go and my husband had asked me if I would like to buy anything for that day. When I mentioned online cloth shopping, he shared with me a voucher that his company had gifted him. ROTITA it was written. Since I was a regular online shopper, I knew most of the famous online e-commerce that offered cloth shopping. I was first amused to check that name.After visiting their website, it made me sceptical. There was nothing standard or usual about the website. There weren’t specific categories. The products weren’t divided by various brands and so on. But since my husband was adamant, I thought to give it a try! So I ordered a birthday gown, peach blue coloured and it was written on their website. I mean apart from the photograph, it was also written that the gown would be of peach blue coloured. So the delivery day was scheduled, the time decided! And guess what comes to me on that day? Jewellery! Instead of a peach blue coloured gown! The address was the same. The name was the same.Firstly, I thought, my husband had brought the jewellery and gifted it to me as a birthday surprise. In addition to the gown! But on enquiring with my husband, I found out that this wasn’t the case. I then told the delivery person about it. He started to blame me saying that how is it that I was first ready to accept it and now, I am not? I tried to make him understand the confusion that I had and when he got to know that it was my birthday.However, he said that he is not the right person for that problem and asked me to contact customer care instead. He did mention that he had this kind of problems before while delivering packages of this company. It gave me a hint that this must have been a reason why I got the wrong delivery.The guy did say that he had one more delivery to some another address inside the same location. However, he did not have the right to open that up for me. So, I took the address from him and reached that place. It was just the next street. When the lady accepted the order, she was also surprised.I explained everything and we decided to return the packages together to the company. I connected with the customer care team and left the complaint. The other lady did the same thing. We were promised that the refund would be done and we needed to ship back the packages. We did that and as of me, I even requested for expedited delivery. However, when the package was received by them, they encountered the mismatch of products that we placed in the first place and denied the refund.I explained it to the customer care that the packages were incorrectly delivered and all the confusions started from there. He understood the same but said that it would take longer than usual for the processing of the refund. It has been three months and neither I nor the other lady has received the payment of the refund.I have been contacting them through live chat but none of them is helping me out. Every time a new person handles the chat and I have to explain everything from start. This is ridiculous. The experience has been frustrating. These people are scammers and are cheating customers. They are irresponsible and very cunning. I have been receiving emails for discounts and other offers every now and then from this company since the day I have made the order.This is irritating. I even unsubscribed for the emails, but they have been sending me these scamming emails nonstop. I have been ditched by this company and I am going to take necessary action to ensure they are treated well. This is a serious problem and it must be highlighted. I am going to make this message viral so that it reaches everyone out there. This is disgusting. These people have no sense of business.I have no words to express my remorse. More than the money I lost; I am disappointed by the way they made a fool of me. I am not going to spare them for their mistake.



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