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Business Details –

  • Name: Royal Migration DUBAI
  • Address:
  • City: Dubai
  • State: Dubai
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Royal Migration DUBAI published at says, verbatim –


Royal migration DUBAI -Wasted so many poor people’s lives. They select people who are getting low salary. AED 3000 – 3500 and give fake promises, offering guaranteed visa in Canada, Australia, etc.and never help them with the process and promise them that they will refund after a year if they don’t get the Visa. And force to sign the agreement and take their money.The idea is brilliant, their sales team will find out people who are looking Jobs / Migration for other countries who are getting low salary in Middle East countries. Once they received the money, the sales staff job is finished. Then the office staff will take care the account.In the beginning itself we need to write 02 -03 mails / calls to get a reply from them. Then further follow up, they will say they are on processing will update in every 02 weeks and collect copies of certificates frequently (educational certificate, experience certificate etc) They will make the feel that they are processing the visa. They will extend the process as much they can telling nice excuses. Finally, after a long wait of 2 years they will simply say the application was not successful , you can request for refund.Then they will move the file to Refund department. See they already have a separate refund department where they make money. Now you will see the real face of RM. First the refund department will find unnecessary reasons from the contract and try their maximum to avoid refunding the money.Rarely, they are refunding 25% of the paid amount for some clients after a long struggle where they failed to cheat the client.What RM is doing ? – They nicely collect the money from a client ( eg. AED 5000) and will invest that money in other business and make profit from that money or just imagine if they invest the money in a bank and simply sit in the office. In one year the minimum bank interest will comes around AED 400 – 450, they will keep us waiting for 02 years and will pay 25 % of AED 5000.They are not giving any money from their pocket .They will just pay the refund which they make from that money only. Some clients try for a refund and will fail at some points. RM will find silly excuses like.. Certificates not given on time.given certificate was not original etc. where they make more money.As per them they are 18 years old company they are not fraud. Some people who are highly qualified with all eligibility who applied through them may get the visa done. Again, after a long wait only and its very rare cases .But 100% sure they are well planned fraud.All their staffs are trapped and they also know all the facts, but they need job and salary so they are part of it.Simply ignore them. They will spoil your life. They are not doing anything for us. They simply collect our money and doing other business.There sales team will find new clients. The process continues


Royal Migration DUBAI

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