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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ryan Scribner at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Ryan Scribner
  • Address:
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  • Website: https://ryanoscribner.com/
  • Reported Loss: 4477 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Ryan Scribner published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Do not believe in Ryan Scribner. All of us in the office thought our boss went completely nuts! One who has a fairly profitable business running for years, suddenly, wants to quit the business and starts a YouTube channel for earning more money.Would hardly sound logical to anyone. I and he had always shared a good relationship with each other, both, personally and professionally.So when he decided to go for this uncertain expedition. I asked called him for dinner at my place and asked him what his plan was.I was shocked when he shared with me that his plan was just as I had heard from the other employee’s i.e. To start a YouTube channel.When I told him that that is not something from which he could benefit from and that that idea would strictly earn him views and popularity, maybe, but not money which he was earning from his business currently!He said completely denied that to me. He said that I was being too rational and dumb and just thinking about earning actively! He said that one could also earn passively and how 83 percent of the people didn’t know about earning passively and that’s why they weren’t successful.I asked him to explain to me what he meant! He said that age and all were just numbers and that anyone could start a YouTube channel, whenever he/she wished to. And that he was going to do exactly the same.From the number of hours that he was investing in doing the business actively, he would now invest some hours off from that into channeling out on YouTube and motivating others and training them.And that is how he will first build a community and then start earning from it. I asked him, how he stumbled upon such an idea and who was he following and that if he knew anyone who had become successful after following such a plan! Ryan Scribner, he said.https://ryanoscribner.com/ is the name of the website that Ryan Scribner runs. It is very confusing because when you rich on his website you come across the heading that says,” 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decision.”Because this person claims himself to be an entrepreneur and on an entrepreneur’s website, when you reach, you generally expect to see information about the product that he is selling and its benefits and so on.But when you reach this person’s website, your brain starts to question you,” what the fuck is this person really talking about?” The next thing that you stumble upon is a video in which you see Ryan talk about Affiliate marketing for beginners.The other thing that you then stumble upon, which makes you think that Ryan must be a stock market consultant is the tab that says,” My Stock Holdings.”In which this person claims to hold stocks of companies named, General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Vanguard S & P 500, IBM, 3M, and Ford.When you go down to the same webpage, it asks you if you wish to reserve a seat for Ryan’s class that is starting today and that the classes are 100 percent free. There is another tab title,” Investing Simple,” which completely diverts you https://www.investingsimple.com/ to another website that has blogs that help you guide in investing after reading which you conclude that Ryan must be an investor and consultant.This gives you an impression that is completely contradicting his YouTube image that has videos in which he talks about quitting a job that he had in which his monthly salary was $70,000 just after learning about active and passive income, which is the same thing which my boss talked to me about.The first question that arises in your mind is that, even if there is any such thing as Ryan and after hearing him, my boss claims, it is, what was the need for Ryan to quit the job that earned him $70,000? He could have earned more by doing his job and at the same time earning from the thing that they called “passive business.My boss called me, again and again, to register for his classes. I didn’t want to but then my boss insisted I and I, in some sort of shame and some sort of fear of losing my job, had to spend some money to buy his Ryan’s shitty video list of Affiliate marketing! And had to see all the videos with my boss.After every video, my boss would go vow!About his videos, which made no sense to me. After a few days, my boss stopped coming to the office and there was a new boss in the office that had replaced him.I was shocked and tried to contact my previous boss just to know his condition. It turned out that the company had fired him for not focusing on the business and instead focusing on his YouTube channel and it turned out that he wasn’t even guilty of doing so.The new boss that came in told a weird incident of catching my previous boss on making a YouTube video in his working hours about how to invest and where to invest and how to become multi-millionaire in weeks!Everyone at my home was curious about what would happen to me but then I confessed with my new boss about my previous boss’ irregular behavior in forcing me to buy Ryan’s videos and watch it!The new boss understood my behavior and assured me that nothing was going to happen to me as the company knew about the former boss’ such behavior so everyone else apart from him was safe.Ryan Scribner brags about his subscribers and viewers on YouTube, both of which can be bought! So do not fall for this trap that just because you see a million views on his channel you subscribe to it and buy his online lectures.All the reviews on his website that claims to have proof of how Ryan made them successful are fake and have no evidence of it being correct reviews or not! Even reviews can be bought! If money-making and saving were as easy as Ryan tells it is, he would have been making videos of it as he is doing.Please don’t fall for this trap and also save others who are falling for this trap! I lost my money because I couldn’t help my boss falling for this trap, please acknowledge this and save yourself by falling for the trap that Ryan and unleashed.


Ryan Scribner

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