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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Satnam Sidhu at


Business Details –

  • Name: Satnam Sidhu
  • Address: Westview Drive
  • City: North Vancouver
  • State: BC
  • Phone: +1 6049888000
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4700 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Satnam Sidhu published at says, verbatim –


We met this guy through a friend. That friend couldn’t keep mum but boast about this guy a lot. He used to tell us about how this guy had helped him in settling in the kind of area he demanded, at the cost, he wanted to. He also told us that Satnam Sidhu was someone whom we could trust as equally as we trust any of our personal relatives. Actually he said that the real thing was that Satnam Sidhu, he said was the cheapest service provider, who made sure that the value of what he provided was not compromised. I had told my friend in a conversation about dealing that I was thinking of doing in the future, in the real estate domain. And that is how he started telling me about Satnam Sidhu.After his boasting, which was unending. He took us, me and my wife to meet Mr. Sidhu. He also has a website titled His office address is RE/MAX CREST REALTY, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7N 4M2. In our first meeting, I did get good vibes from Mr. Sidhu. This was because of the fact that he boasted and highlighted while giving marketing speech about his business that almost all his clients were Indians who settled in Canada. He went on to say how he was a service provider that helped his brothers and sisters, at a place that was away from their real country. But obviously all this was a lie!Later I learned, how he has a speech prepared by himself which he uses over person to person to interest them and to market his business properly. Realty property business has a lot of sentiments associated with the business with the fact that a person saves for his lifetime and then decides to buy a property to be at a better property than what he/she is at that current time. At least, our case was such. We had worked our hearts and brains out and were purchasing this to improve our kid’s future. But then we encountered Satnam Sidhu…When we finally had a deal and handed over the responsibility to him. Everything was normal and nothing seemed to be suspicious about him. It was after selling our home and finding a new one, that we found out that he was unable to provide us real value for the money that we had paid him. When we finally moved in after spending our life savings, we noticed there were a lot of things wrong with the home.To start with, Satnam Sahu did not tell us what was our grow op! Grow op is a major thing to a property. The higher your grow-op, the better your chances are for the property that you have bought to grow in a shorter time limit. This is something that he had completely failed to convey to us before the deal ended. It was only after taking due diligence that we found out he was well aware of the grow op and intentionally failed to disclose this information.Then comes in the other part, where we found out our friend confessing to us about his mistake and that how he too was conned by Satnam Sidhu and that after con, Mr. Sidhu blackmailed him to find out someone else otherwise, he would make sure he forges with the original property that he had given to my friend. When we confronted this man i.e. after the dealing was over, firstly, he denied knowing us. Then he blatantly denied all these things and started to mention the contract that we had signed and blamed about the errors in the same contract and said that it wasn’t his fault if there were errors in the contract! To date, he doesn’t confess it to us that it was his fault and that he deliberately did what he did was!The funniest part about this complete story was in finding out the fact that the property that he had sold to us was none others’ but his cousin’s. So he was damn right about doing business with only and only Indian people! At least that was something he had not lied about. He is a vicious clown that plays with the justice system and law, who is ought to be punished. Thinking this we decided to go to the court, but because my husband is not able to travel much  We later dropped the idea about court and are currently making sure that this story reaches out to every consumer forum organizations and associations that make sure that this reaches out people of the country and Mr. Satnam Sidhu is unable to con anyone!We wrote to some consumer complaints associations and guess what? Here too he denied knowing any person by this name. We later found out some other people who have had the same past as ours and that’s when we got a little bit of strength to write to the consumer forum. But turns out that that wasn’t fruitful enough. So currently we are posting it for the viewers and making sure that the word con associates with Mr. Satnam Sidhu of Re/Max Crest Realty so nicely that everyone recognizes the way of conning which goes on in the industry and also Mr. Satnam Sidhu and his-like realty agents! What a liar! He has turned out for me and my family! he played with our earnings without any feelings. This guy is not at all sensitive and is a proper con man! The presence of such guys in the industry mark the dark future of industry. There should be more and more awareness about such guys. This man is the man that we dealt with and he is the one that scammed us. Well, its a lesson learned, a big lesson of course. We will make sure that we don’t give such con mans a chance in the future. Moreover, we want whoever reads this out to take care and not submit his/her earnings to such fraudsters.


Satnam Sidhu

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