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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against SATOSHI BTC OPTION at


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Original Complaint against SATOSHI BTC OPTION published at says, verbatim – is an another ponzi scheme not genuine at all on what they preach. I am reviewing this maybe I can save thousands out there but the truth behind these guys is they are complete scams I am warning you do not waste your bitcoins on them as am speaking of now since I deposited 0.011BTC in their platform on 13th dec I have been asking them to refund my money having told me to pay for an activation fee of 0.008 thats when I knew am scammed already.This is the reply I got after depositing my 0.011BTC, “Your investment will be activated once you have paid your activation fee of 0.008 BTC.” They say on their page that they dont have fees but thats not the truth you will be surprised and even if you pay it thats an addition to their fraud goals.This is another message they sent me, “Your investment deposit has been confirmed, your payout is being delayed due to your activation fee, We advice that you pay your investment activation fee to enable you access your investment instantly and speed up your payout. Note that; The higher your investment, the faster and instant the payout.We advice our investors to invest higher in other to enable us activate their investment with advanced priority.”I told them I don’t have that fee coz you say you dont have fees and ever since i asked them to send back my coins to my address they never replied till now am writting this review. So I have used this opportunity to save someone else out there. Be warned you will loose your hard earned cash with them.The investment payout they claim is just backlogged or connected with blockchain transactions api its not them paying out thats another thing I found out and am going to post the same info review to other website wherever possible to reveal what is all about!! Deal with them at your own risk good enough ive played my part too bad am going to loose my collaterals for being silly to place a loan in such a scheme!!



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