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  • Phone: (206) 966-6273
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  • Reported Loss: 800 $
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I just would like to inform people of some things before admitting themselves or a loved one at Schick Shadel Hospital. First of all, the treatment does work but only for those who are truly ready. And to those who have no psychological issues that cause them to drink. If it was just a case of “I partied too hard and I can’t go on but I need help to do it”, then this is the place for you.A reason I give it only one star is perfectly explained by the review below by Charles R Recently. I left in April after 11 years, but what he says rings completely true. There is a level of disorganization that was embarrassing for me to see on a daily basis. Over the past few years, it went from a well organized patient experience to a mere shadow of it once was.Once the hospital went from being owned by former patients to it’s current 2nd corporate ownership, the majority of the most talented and experienced nursing, counseling, and administrative staff have left, retired, or been let go. And with them, so went much of the caring spirit that made this a special hospital.The main cause is the ownership.For some insight, check this out: The reason for this disorganization and the sense of not getting the $20,000 worth of quality care is the staffing levels. The nursing, counselors, and dietary staff were woefully understaffed and were working in crisis mode at all times. The reason for this was the never ending drive to increase the bottom line brought on by the culture of it’s parent corporation.Some of the counselors there are wonderful, but don’t expect to get much. There is not enough time to get to all of the patients. At least that is what I experienced up until my leaving. Some of the nurses are great, but there is such turnover, that the “culture of Schick” has been mostly lost.As for the food, you are definitely not going to get what you feel is a good value for the $20,000 the treatment costs. Unless you like frozen chicken pot pies that you can get for $1. You find those at at 7-11. Or a “reuben” that consists of one thick slice of unpleasant corned beef. Financial margin takes priority over quality of food.And that brings me to the main reason I am writing this. Beware of the business office and the financial demands made on you before admission and during your stay. By the time of my leaving, if you had an estimated balance of over a certain threshold, you were expected to pay enough to bring the balance to that level. And the admission staff were continually pressured to try to get all of this estimated balance at admission or be led to a lending company that charges outrageous interest rates.If you have a balance, the business office will make you sign a financial agreement on your first day of treatment. Monthly payments that are required are in the mid hundreds per month and will be due within the month after discharge. For a patient that just leaves detoxification, is on their first day, is scared and not knowing what is going to happen, this can easily make a patient feel blindsided. And many times since the patient has ruined themselves financially, these monthly payments can be overwhelming.Too often, the patient can have this hanging over their heads when they should be focused 100% on their treatment. If you happen to be late on a payment, you will be receiving a call from a collector who will have a minimal amount of patience regarding your bill. It can drive a former patient to drink!I understand that a business needs to make their income goals, but as with other for-profit hospitals, if your insurance is in network with the facility, they have already recouped their costs in almost all cases. Therefore, all of the cash paid is profit on top in those cases. I will not divulge details.As they are a publicly traded company (UHS), you can see their financial reports for yourself and see their healthy profit margin. Obviously, money losing hospitals would be forced raise costs to meet the corporate profit goals. My past few years there, the almighty dollar was the top priority.But if you have the financial ability to pay for this treatment (and another in case this does not work), then no cost is too high to halt something that will kill you. If I had a family member struggle with addiction, I wish I could have recommended Schick. But unfortunately, I could not and feel confident they would get what is promised.I can only give them one star knowing the staff is treated miserably by the management.The final thing I want to mention is that Pat O’Day, the longtime spokesperson of Schick is proof that this treatment can work. He is honest in his enthusiasm for good reason. But unfortunately, this is not the same Schick experience that he went though.


Schick Shadel Hospital

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