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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Stage Three Automotive at


Business Details –

  • Name: Stage Three Automotive
  • Address: West Colonial Drive
  • City: Orlando
  • State: FL
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Stage Three Automotive published at says, verbatim –


ADVANCE FEE SCAM FOR SERVICES INVOLVED MULTIPLE BUSINESS TORTS, A MECHANIC SCAM AND PROPERTY LOSSES INCLUDING A VEHICLE PROPERTY DAMAGE ON BUSINESS PREMISES THE OWNER RECEIVED INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENTS FOR THEFT & THE FOREIGN AUTO PART -A CATALYTIC CONVERTER-WHICH SAYS WAS CUT OFF MY VEHICLE VALUING $1000. HE LATER CLAIMS THAT HE LEFT THAT NEW AUTO PART IN MY VEHICLE WHICH HE PARKED AND THEN SAYS THE VEHICLE WAS TOWED AFTER ALL MY NEW AUTO PARTS HAD BEEN INSTALLED,PARTS INSTALLATION AT HIS SHOP AND PREVIOUSLY AT ACTION GATOR ANOTHER AUTO SHOP IN ORLANDO,FLORIDA-PART WHICH HE KNEW HAD BEEN INSTALLED ON THE VEHICLE AS NEW PARTS VALUING $600 (BMW 535i Dealer CALIPERS, ROTORS).FraudDr 3 vehicle #thefts RICO/Auto Parts,parts ontheft,desecration of property,mechani fraud,complaint Stage 3 Detail by Entity Name Florida Profit Corporation STAGE 3 AUTOMOTIVE, INC Filing Information Document Number P14000090694 FEI/EIN Number 47-1810028 (also registered as NumberP14000090694FEI/EIN Number47-1810028Date)Date Filed 11/05/2014 Effective Date 10/29/2014 State FL Status ACTIVE Principal Address 5240 W COLONIAL DR. ORLANDO, FL 32808 Mailing Address 5240 W COLONIAL DR. ORLANDO, FL 32808 Registered Agent Name & Address SAUNDERS, WARCHENE N 517 DELANEY AVE. 2B ORLANDO, FL 32801 Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title P SAUNDERS, WARCHENE N 517 DELANEY AVE. 2B ORLANDO, FL 32801 Title VP RILEY, KESHAWN D 1826 ORCHARD PARK DR. OCOEE, FL 34761 Title S RILEY, LAUREN P 1826 ORCHARD PARK DR. OCOEE, FL 34761 Title T RILEY, OMAR K 1826 ORCHARD PARK DR. OCOEE, FL 34761 Annual Reports Report Year Filed Date 2015 04/06/2015Who would pay for a K9 Alarm system, all the repairs, and the mechanic got $1000 reimbursement from his business & causality losses/insurance claim (which he supposedly left this $1000 part in the vehicle WHERE HE PARKED)? I NEVER GOT TO USE THE ALARM SYSTEM I PAID FOR. NEVER GOT THE DIAGNOSTIC FROM A SECOND MECHANIC BECAUAllbriGE TWO DID NOT SEND THE VEHICLE KEYS WITH THE VEHICLE WHEN IT WAS TOWED TO A SECOND SHOP TO VALIDATE THAT THE STRAL SEAL DIDN’T RESOLVE A HEAD GASKET PROBLEM, REDOING THE TOP HEADS BOTH $$400 REPAIRS EACH JOB-$800 IN ENGINE WORK SUPPOSEDLY DID NOT REPAIR A PROBLEM THAT AROSE AFTER ALL THESE OTHER REPAIRS LISTED AND PAID FOR AT OMAR’S SHOP.THE VEHICLE WENT INTO OMAR RILEY’S SHOP WITH NEW CALIPERS AND ROTORS $600 WORTH OF UNDERBODY FROM ACTION GATOR ALONE.WHICH WERE VISIBLE MOST LIKELY IN HIS INSPECTION. ( vehical history, BMW WBAHD2317K2091635 RICO/Vehicle Theft/Auto Parts,original owner/seller Frank Furino the Owner of MAACO 917 Mercy Dr, Orl,FL32808).In addition to getting paid for servicing two other vehicles BTW 2007-2008 including my Ford 87 Crown Victoria (purchased 70759249 2FABP74F0HX197346 1987 FORD) a Ford Explorer 1991- both ignition key and the Ford repairs to it after a steering column vandalism job while the vehicle was sitting at Kim(Elizabeth) Carter’s place of business


Stage Three Automotive

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