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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against State Farm Insurance at


Business Details –

  • Name: State Farm Insurance
  • Address: North Main Street
  • City: Bloomington
  • State: IL
  • Phone: 855-733-7333
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2500 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against State Farm Insurance published at says, verbatim –


There were some damages in my vehicle and I filed the claim with the State Farm Insurance happened to be my insurance company. When I asked for the claim filing, the agent informed me that the vehicle will be totaled if the damages went beyond 75% of the total value of my vehicle. He also said that I could buy the vehicle back if it was totaled.Knowing that the damages were not even closer to that, I went ahead with the claim process. I had also installed a new engine to my vehicle that had costed me $8000. So, I was sure that the vehicle would not be considered for total loss. Later, I figured out that they were lying to me. There was no such figure that they provided at the first instance and after putting my vehicle for ‘total loss’, they even denied the buyback option.When I got a call, a week later informing me that my vehicle was totaled, I asked for a detailed analysis for that 75% of the damage cost. That is when, they informed that the cost needed to be 30% instead of 75%.I only wanted to fix my vehicle. This all was coming so fast and I was not aware what I needed to do. They gave me a bill of $1000 which was charged at the dealer’s workshop while assessing the damage cost. Whatever they said in the beginning was a complete lie and then they asked me to turn in the aftermarket parts. I did as they said because I had no option by then. They assured that they would be compensating me for those parts. After few days, I received a voice mail stating that all the parts were included in the final pay-out.I felt betrayed and asked for a detailed assessment which included those parts. Few hours later, I received the assessment with a statement confirming that they owed me $1300. Were they planning to keep that money, if I hadn’t asked for a detailed assessment? I was misled into believing that my vehicle was under total loss and they pressured me to accept that as well.By chance, I discovered after two weeks that my vehicle was sale in a neighboring town for sale. I did not understand the entire process and contacted my agent to confirm the news. I asked how they could sell it when I couldn’t buy it.They refused about the sale and said that it was not happening. I am sure that they were lying to me. After what happened in these weeks, there was no chance I was going to believe them. With such a service, I believe that they won’t be able to stay put with their competitors. There are many other companies that do provide genuine service.I wish I had never chosen them in the first place. However, this time, I would be cautious before signing up with any other insurance company.


State Farm Insurance

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