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  • Reported Loss: 2000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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I have been using online courses for quite some time now. I run my own business and I have tried various courses to make myself equipped with the various knowledge and skills in order to excel at everything I do. It is completely true that online courses do offer great help and aid when you are unable to attend college or any other form of educational institution. It has helped me too.But, there are often times when I get stuck with courses that are all talks. Recently, I tried Project life mastery by Stefan James and got really pissed after looking at what they had to offer. Usually an online course is well researched and created to help individuals. However, there are some like one offered by Stefan which has a huge fan following (which I guess is the wonderful work of SEO and digital marketing experts) and fails to offer even a small help.When I started the course, I was expecting it to be one of the best as advertised on the Google. People inside the communities are trying to make look this program a huge hit. But, they fail to clear the real picture of the entire course. Do not be overwhelmed by the reviews as it is no difficult to get good remarks these days even from the influential people. That is what I have understood after taking up the course. Trust me, this course is not for anyone.The life coaching that they provide is better than nothing. You can get people around you talking in the same tone. Your friends and family have better advices for you when you are in pain rather than this worthless course. Stefan claims that his courses can teach you a better way to master your life. I think he only knows how to do that for himself. He is cheating people for their money to build his own savings. If that is a way to master happiness, I would rather be unhappy and sad.Then comes the best part, financial independence and emotional independence. The program has many courses that target these two things and make people fool. There are so many people out these who are financially strong but lack emotional stability. And, then there are those who may be stable with their feelings but are looking for a miracle to change their financial status. So, Stefan has tried to target both kinds of people leaving no loose ends.When I paid for the course, I talked to Stefan before making the decision. He suggested me to enrol the course for top management who are seeking emotional and financial balance in life. I have in total 5 members who are leading different teams. When I heard that, I found it to be a good plan. I was looking forward to enrol for all of them.But, when I was about to make the payment, I again checked for reviews and this time, I went on checking a little more. I found some bad reviews about Stefan but I also knew that one person cannot make everyone happy. And, there are competitors too who do these things to keep their legacy at the top.So, I decided to give Stefan an upper hand. However, I decided that I will try the program first and then will enrol for other members. That was a wise decision, I guess. I needed to check what they offer before making the full payments for other employees from my office.Hearing this, Stefan tried to pursue me and offered me some discounts as well. But, I had made up my mind. And, when Stefan did that, I felt that there was something wrong. And, I even got stronger about my decision.The course, as I said before is a complete disaster. If you have tried it, you would know it for sure. And those who haven’t must not even think of trying the course as you would be paying for nothing. The videos and content offered are less than beginners’ stage. You may find yourself laughing at what you see and hear.What Stefan James calls a master program happens to be a kindergarten play. You would end up hitting your head on the table. At some point, I was feeling helpless and wasn’t able to understand what I was actually looking at. Everything said and tutored were all some kind of joke.After going through the course, I realized that I already know much more than I believed I knew. Because, the course is such a pain in the a** that you would start remembering how brilliant you are in front of the mentors and people suggesting tips through this program.This is created by some bunch of bored people who were not doing anything and out of killing time, they created this program that has only unnecessary thoughts. If you are guessing that some expert will come and give you great advice that would change your life, you are completely wrong. You may find hypothetical scenarios and guesses that won’t help anyway.After finishing the program, I knew I won’t get any refunds. So, I did not even try for it. Stefan may have taken that as a good review because he called me to ask for other enrolment. This guy has got nerves. I did not get mad at him. Someone with his experience and maturity must not be judged or talked into. He should be out right behind the bars for playing with people’s emotions and money.I would have been devastated and a topic for shame if I have enrolled my employees for this program. I am relieved at least I did not make my employees go through the same pain. I rejected Stefan’s offer and told him that his program was the worst I have ever tried. It is not even a course, god knows what should I call it apart from calling it a scam.


Stefan James

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