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Business Details –

  • Name: Steven Daniel Kozacks
  • Address: West Jackson Boulevard
  • City: Chicago
  • State: IL
  • Phone: 7023748394
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 50000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Steven Daniel Kozacks published at says, verbatim –


Stephen Daniel Kozacka – CAREER CRAIGS LIST FRAUDULENT SCAMMER – VICTIMIZES CHILDREN – CHILD PREDATORKozacks criminal past and rap sheet is online he has conducted past frauds such as taking deposits apartments he did not have authority to even enter. In this case Kozacks committed crimes against a child. This spineless criminal will face the justice of victimizing an innocent minor. This criminal is up there with child rapists, child abusers and other spineless adults that victimize children.This report is for the unspeakable crime of robbing a minor young child of his lifelong irreplaceable personal items in Las Vegas, which he will pay for dearly. Kozacks (with 2 other suspects) stole a high volume of rare and collectable action figures, video games, comics, cards, electronics, computers and cameras value (two specimens were recovered linking him to the crimes in other counties as well).The notorious “cragis list scammer” in the past busted and prosecuted for gaining access to apartments he does not own or operate. This sociopathic criminal has already been arrested/incarcerated for various fraud/theft/scams dealing with the public on numerous occasions.He is a professional long term criminal/con-man that exhibits violent behavior when he is caught like most felon criminals that have been incarcerated, continuing to commit crimes for profit.The robberies in Las Vegas regarding this report occurred in August 2017How he conducted this crime and perhaps more:Researches for crimes in many counties primarily using Craig’s list counties looking for victimsPretended to be a part of eBay user “Breed”Created a fake gmail account close to the user name in this instance and for example for company Breed uses email “[email protected]”Looks for consignment sales on criags listMale (says brother) and female (says is girlfriend in surveillance photo in Dallas country Iowa ditching stolen electronics from Clark County, Las Vegas)Stolen merchandise in another state/county)Female accomplice vehicle license plates number: Illinois 744 0732/244 0732 (and pictured below)Steven Kozacks drivers liscese number (and pictured below): K220=7848-7343There is a reward for location where Kozacks has or has sold the stolen items, everything has serial numbers (even many toys) all registered as stolen, if you posses it you will go to jail for him just like his female accomplice on camera.Report all crimes, activity and whereabouts of this criminal of children with all your contact information email: [email protected]


Steven Daniel Kozacks

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