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  • Name: Steven Dux
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  • Reported Loss: 1800 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Steven Dux published at says, verbatim –


Do not opt to learn from Steven Dux. He is the guy who claims to have turned his $27K into $5M by stock trading. The man lies as nicely as any con artist does to get money from you. I have lost my $1800 by buying his yearly course. I was a part of his chat room after buying his yearly course and we were all instructed together to post information claiming how successful Steven Dux is and how cool and successful his strategies and tactics were and in return we were promised to earn profits like no other. We were told that we would be given information about penny stocks in which profit is guaranteed.The fact is that Steven Dux holds a degree in behavioral science. Because of his degree that helps him understand the mindset of people, he is able to convince individuals to opt for his courses. He keeps on saying that you are losing opportunities that has helped others make millions. This is all a part of influence marketing. The fact is that he and many others like him are involved in this business and everyone is connected and into the same business i.e. doing Influence marketing and fooling others. Steven is no different from those who seek power and prestige without working for it. This guy knows nothing and even if he does, he is not skilled enough to share it with others in the proper way. I do not find his course at all helping anyone. He just make joiners get involved in their chat room. The other name of this type of scam is multi-level marketing. Lots of people including me lost our money to Steven Dux. Dux is a professional expert in doing this.We were then made to forcefully buy shares of the company which he already holds at a high price than what it should have been and that’s how it profited him from all our money. And this is the secret behind his formula and investment strategy. The company that he uses was already shut down previously because of such claims over it. A lot of people who invested using Sure trader complained of their money being used by Steven for his own good. There is nothing in store for those who pay for his course. Using this company, he claims that he has audit returns that claim of his success but all of this is not at all true. Steven Dux has partnered with many huge heads in the market and asked them to recommend him, which is exactly what is happening. I or no one else in the chat room has any idea of how or what has he been paying to these people for recommending him. All that we know is that we all of these popularity about Steven have been created by Steven Dux himself. Most of the people are not claiming or even avoiding to skip about how we have been fool thinking about how it might feel to let other people know about our foolishness but I want other people to know about how this business works.The registered Steven Dux Profitly user profile shows he has achieved a profit of over $2.4 Million from trading stocks. The list of stocks trades is imported directly from a broker account and verified using the Profitly system. Steven Dux Profitly stats are equally as impressive. He is listed as number 3 in verified profits on the entire platform.  If you look into the Steven Dux Profitly stats, you find that he has an astonishing 73% win rate!But there are plenty of videos available on the Internet and YouTube claiming how Steven Dux is a student of Timothy Sykes, the person who at first showed like Steven Dux to achieve amazing results and then was claimed of having run away with a lot of people’s money. In his lecture, you are then told to buy books about stock trading and opt for classes of Timothy Sykes also.And all of this is forceful. Sometimes his chat rooms are as active as Timothy Sykes’ are so one chat room is aligned with the other, which makes you wonder what is happening. And all these videos about him are fake. The truth is he was a rich lad who wanted to do something with the stock market but he was never able to do it.So, he met Timothy Sykes who was actually a fraud acting as an influencer. He invited Steven Dux to join him and right now, maybe they both are working as partners and fooling lots of other people. The police should ban them as scam artists who rob people of their money in the name of stock education. I have lost my $1800 which I had saved from my monthly salary.And that is why I am writing out to you. Everyone who is reading this, please beware of such scam artists. There are many people like Steven Dux but he is the current one on the trending list who is asking to everyone to market on his name, just to get more members so that he can ask them to buy shares at a higher price than the market as soon as they opt for his lectures. Steven is a con artist and nothing more than that. You can trust your guts when investing in share market rather than this fraud.Steven Dux is great at making fake promises. All you he does is lying. You should not believe a word that he says. It is all to impress you and take your money out of your wallet. He keeps raving about his fantastic growth and profit that he made through stock trading. He brags about a lot of things. However, he is good at nothing. He is a liar and he would always remain a liar.


Steven Dux

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