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There were water damages in the house at almost every room. We consulted our insurance company through The Strems Law Firm to get the settlement amount. This was done in Feb 2016 and the procedure happened all very easily. They helped me to file the claim and helped me with all the paperwork. They were prompt at answering all my queries.I thought I have chosen the right company but that trust was only for the time when I was filing the claim. They made me complete all the formalities in a matter of minutes and then asked me to wait for some time. That was the last time I heard them talking to me with interest.Later, time passed and I kept waiting. I did not know how much time these insurance companies take. However, I was sure they do not make you wait for ages. Even if the claims are rejected, you get an answer for the same.After few months, when I was not able to withstand the situation, I called Strems Law Firm and asked them about the update. The receptionist ignored my call and told me that people were on leave and to call back after few weeks.She did not connect me to anyone who could have at least updated me of the result. I waited and called them after a week and she had the same answer. She asked me to call the next day as the concerned person was in an important meeting.It was getting annoying and hence I decided to call the insurance company itself. I had the claim number and was sure of getting the right answer. To my surprise, when I called them, they informed me that they had already issued the cheque to the Strems Law Firm and it was with them.When I was informed about the settlement cheque, I got furious. I called them again demanding the answer. They told me that they forgot. How could they even say that? Being a responsible firm, how can they not make sure that the claim money reaches the recipient on time?They told me that they would be sending someone to my place with the cheque. They even fixed an appointment with me to take care of the delay that was already done. I waited for them the entire day when they scheduled the meeting. However, no one showed up.I called them the other day and again I was put on hold and then the call was disconnected. I felt as if they were trying to ignore me. I kept on calling them. But, they did not answer.It has been more than a year and I have not received my settlement cheque. I am waiting for that money to fix the damage and cannot spend a day in this house without the repair. Every day the condition is worsening and The Strems Law Firm is far away to take the responsibility of the same.


Strems Law Firm

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