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Business Details –

  • Name: Sumit Gaddh
  • Address: Seabreeze Boulevard
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • State: FL
  • Phone: +1954-834-3072
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 900 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Sumit Gaddh published at says, verbatim –


A few months before, I was traveling to Broward County, Florida. That is when I tried to search for a cheap and necessity fulfilling property that I could live in. I tried to contact a few property owners by gaining their contact numbers online. Talks went on and nothing fruitful turned out. Time to travel came closer and my tries to find out a property increased from the usual. A friend who used to work with me at that time got to know about this. Knowing my struggle, he started helping me out. As the time was less and the task was huge. He too contacted some property owners. A relative of him provided him with some relatives who used to stay in the same locality. One of the relatives got back with a suggestion of, Sumit Gaddh 1510 Seabreeze Blvd Ft Lauderdale, FL United States.We contacted Mr. Gaddh over the phone and he sounded at least as normal as other property dealers. He showed us photographs of his property. One thing that he bragged about is that his property was an Airbnb one. But for me, it was normal because from the property owners that I had contacted before some had already shown me a similar attitude.The prize suited me and the property photos that were sent to me indicated a property that was manageable. Bearable. So I agreed. Now as soon as I agreed, he started with the contract thing. Which is anyways very frustrating. But then, with him, it got more frustrating than the normal because, to my surprise, he didn’t expect me to read it in detail. When I pointed out some horrendous spelling mistakes, he started telling me,” I had not expected clients to through in the details as you did.” And when I asked him to correct it, he took so much of time. And also asked for separate money for the changes he had to make in the contract and get a legal affidavit on the same. This is all after the deal was made. The fees charged here to me was something that should have obviously been paid by him.For extra protection for all other payments that I was supposed to make, I made sure that I paid to him via VRBO. Now just when my mind was trying to return from the shock that was occurred to it after this incident, I hear from the neighborhood that the Airbnb thing which Mr. Sumit brags about, is fake. In real, he use to work with Airbnb previously. But seeing his way of working and dealing with clients who came to stay at the property, Airbnb had taken their contract away. And that Mr. Sumit, still shows it to every client just for ensuring he gets more business. I was very careful about how to talk to him about it.Secretly, I made a plan to talk to him and then mention him that because of this reason and the earlier one, I am having enough reasons to get away with the contract that I had made with him. Because I didn’t wish to stay at a place where there was an unprofessional attitude prevailing and the person who was the landowner was a liar of a kind who used to speak lies to attract customers. Meanwhile, his harassment increased.He would call on our number at any time, when he was maybe drunk and ask silly questions. He would ask me and the visitors at my place to close the doors and cook food. Now, when anyone cooks food, there is a need for the gateway to get the smoke out. So when he asked me to close the doors while cooking the food, I asked him for a ventilator in return. He would rudely mention that if I needed a ventilator, I would have pay for the expense of its installation and buying. And that there would be no support from him. And that whenever I left the place, the ventilator would go with me and I would have to again seal the place. I asked him to give me some time to think over that. For this thing, he would everyday call me in the afternoon.One he also called me up at midnight to ask, if I was free to discuss this matter out! That was the limit! But my mind was wrong about him. The next day what I see is that an engineer is brought over to fix a ventilator and my doorbell rings early in the morning. I didn’t know what to say at all! I had to ask the engineer if he was informed that who is going to pay the remuneration for the work that he was called for. He mentioned that he was informed that, fifty percent of the remuneration was what Sumit was going to pay and the rest fifty was supposed to be paid by me.The month that he was called in, was the same in which my monthly expenses were running at a much higher-end than the normal. So, I asked Sumit if I could pay him the next month and that if he could pay the engineer right now.He said that that could only be possible if I paid him interest in the amount which he paid to the engineer. This is was really unfair. If he would have asked me before calling the engineer, I would have strictly denied him to call the engineer that month. Because I was completely aware of my monthly expenditures and would not agree to spend such heavily for an expense that I had to undergo just because my property manager doesn’t let the doors of my property remain open, while I cook. I mentioned this incident to my friend. She paid the fifty percent to help me out from this disastrous situation.While the engineer was working and building a space from which the ventilation could take place and where ventilator can be fixed. It was by the engineer that came for installation of the ventilator that the toilet was damaged. This damage incident was completely unintentional and natural. It was by mistake. He asked the engineer to pay for this damage and a replacement. When the engineer refused to pay for it, I was asked to pay for it. Such is the blind logic of Mr. Sumit. This time the limit had been crossed. I and my friend who was present with me at that time refused to pay it after discussing it out to each other.On refusal, I was asked to leave the premises as soon as possible. He said that he no longer needed such customers who do not agree or buy into what he said. Be it any blind logic of blaming and charging anybody for the mistake which was made by anybody else. Later when we agreed to leave the next morning, he charged us more than the normal for that month. We had to pay for the ventilator that I could never enjoy while I was living there. Instead, we had to pay a little extra for the damage which was made by the engineer. And the worst of all, I had to ask for a place from my friend, as I did not have anywhere else to go. This is sheer ripping off of people! FRAUD PRACTICES!


Sumit Gaddh

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