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Business Details –

  • Name: Symmetry Financial Group
  • Address: Whitson Avenue
  • City: Swannanoa
  • State: NC
  • Phone: 18772855402
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Symmetry Financial Group published at says, verbatim –


This is a very bad experience that my brother faced. I would like to warn everyone who is willing to connect with this Symmetry Financial Group thinking that they would be billionaire one day. This company is a fraud and cannot help anyone become rich. On the contrary, it can only increase your debts. You would be ashamed of joining this company. However, it would be too late until you will realize that the company is taking advantage of you. These people are scammers. They lure gullible individuals and make them spend money on working for their MLM scams.My brother joined Symmetry Financial Group as a full-time employee. They never told that they would not be sharing leads, neither did they tell that the conferences that he would attend would be on his cost. All these things got clear after my brother started working for them. In just a month, he had lost a lot of money for paying for the leads and attending the seminars that they were supposed to be financing.If you find happening the same thing to you, you must run away. Or else, these guys would make difficult for you to get out of the mess. My brother made a huge mistake by listening to what they had to say. He believed all the promises that they made. At the end of everything, he lost a lot and understood that the company was making a fool of him. He has spent more than 3000 dollars for advertising for them. And, he has done everything that he could to ensure that the efforts do not lack from his end. However, the company only wants to scam people and there is no intention on them to help anyone.When my brother asked the company to pay for the money he spent on the conferences, they refused. They completely denied doing so. Now, he is completely repenting for paying such huge amounts for these meetings. Are you serious about your career for earning for real, then this is not the company for you? This company is for those who like to spent because they have so much excess money.The problem is that the company is not transparent at all. They give an impression that they would be helping those joining their company with all the possible resources, however, these are just lie. These people did not tell my brother anything about the expenditure he would have to make.At first, my brother paid for getting the leads from the public record by spending $250. The company promises that those joining the company would succeed only if they follow everything that the company is saying. But how is it possible to make money when one continues to spend instead. The company promises to everyone that one can achieve the commission position if one keeps spending for some time and work harder. Are you kidding me? Is this your mantra for success. I have seen so many MLM companies but I doubt any of them ask their people to do such thing, especially to spend.The only reason the company connects with you is because of the license you hold for traveling. They know that you can spend and you have the license to travel around. They are only trying to rip people out of their money. TThe company even promises that they would provide 40% of the leads and one needs to work for the other 60%. This is a lie too. They would then ask you to go for 80% and then more and then they would not provide any lead. These guys are making money from your money and the same thing they did to my brother. The reality is that your commission is nothing but 0.1% to 5 percent from $3000 that you would earn every two months. Isn’t this completely insane.You may be amazed by the way they talk to others and are very impressive in misleading people. They show huge dreams to everyone and in return they ask you to spend for their profit.If you want to work for an MLM company, you can find so many other options that are genuine and provide leads and all other assistance. However, this one, is nothing but a scam. The first thing you must do is research a lot before you join any MLM company. If my brother had done so, he would have known that the company was not legit.I came to know about all this when my brother asked me for some cash as he had spent all his saving, whatever little he had, on these scammers. He told me everything and I realized that these guys were making fool of him.I did a lot of searches online and found many others cribbing about their scam. I convinced my brother to stay away from them. He is only 18 and he does not have much experience with such idiots. o your research before joining this company. Be smart and you will get many better contracts.You can check reviews, call people, make sure you have enquired completely before you make any decision. For this company, you must stay away. Because of these people, my brother is going through a lot of stress. He has lost his little saving and he is looking for another permanent job solution. He even was not able to give his rent and had to move out and stay with me. These guys are completely unethical. You cannot trust them at all. You will always be on the darker side, either it’s about sharing the right information or about making profits.I am trying to find more ways to know what these people are up to. They have ruined my brother’s life and they will have to pay for this. They have been making people fool for their own profit. Have you checked that ad saying one can make $10,000 per month when working with them? That too only working for a few days a week. If yes, then do not revert them at all. These guys are liars and would scam you as well. You are never going to make that kind of amount ever, even if you work for lifetime with them. This is because you will only be spending and the percentage they offer is too low for even making enough to eat three times a day.If you compare the percentage sharing of other companies that are into MLM business, you will find a huge difference. The other company offers huge perks and benefits and this is not the case with these scammers. It is only their agent that needs to work like hell and the owners and partners like to enjoy and sit back. They are only best at encouraging others to work like shit. And, these people like to enjoy making people fool. They have been doing this for a long time and they must be stopped now. They have already scammed so many people and they are willing to do it forever. The number of individuals being scammed from them is rising. The ask to follow their system to make money and become a millionaire. However, there is never an easy way to become rich. One must work hard to reach to a certain point in the career. If it would have been so easy, why there is so much difference in the status of individuals. Their agents stay in oblivion while the company is doing all sorts of dirty things. They are unethical and have no sense of business.I would suggest everyone to stay away from this company or you would be scammed big time. You have not been closer to this company if you have not worked yet. Once you will start working for them, you will understand how cheap and unethical these guys are. They lie, they ask you to spend and in return they pay nothing. Even when they try to call you or talk into something, remember all those promises are a lie. Because I have seen my brother ruining his few months and have felt very sad about the same, I want to urge everyone that getting any closer to this company would be taking one step closer to hell.You would be surprised to see what they have to offer. They will show you many examples as well. But do not be fooled. All these examples are made up. There is no way one can make money from this fraud. It is only that they excel at sugar coating things and telling it to you in such a way that you will start believing you are a millionaire and spending few amounts won’t make any difference. Yes, they are that good at cheating people. They did everything to fool my brother and convince him again to join them. However, he has learned the hard way. You don’t have to experience the same as well. So, stay away from Symmetry Financial Group.


Symmetry Financial Group

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