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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Tai Lopez at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Tai Lopez
  • Address: North Rexford Drive
  • City: Beverly Hills
  • State: CA
  • Phone: 18006042587
  • Website: http://tailopez.com
  • Reported Loss: 67378 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Tai Lopez published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Is he the product of a generation or degeneration of a generation? Who is Tai Lopez? Let us have a critical look, while weighing all the available pros and cons and coming to a conclusion.Tai Lopez is a rich man (allegedly). He is a motivational speaker (Seemingly). He wants to share his secret of success (For a price). Tai Lopez is not a scammer and lastly, he is Tai Lopez.Are you just hearing Tai Lopez for the first time and wondering whom this Tai Lopez is? Have you seen him on YouTube and wonder if he is worth taking serious especially when he is asking you to part with money to make more money? Have you started his methods already and you are not yet getting results as promised? Whichever group you belong to, you are not alone.Initially, Tai Lopez claimed to have bought a Gallardo but as noticed by Franklin Hatchett who is also a youtuber in his video titled “Is Tai Lopez a scammer”, the car still has a rental tag by the handle and also the house he claimed to have rented would have been another scam. As much as it is easy to fool people in the digital world because of the physical absense of being, it is also easier to be found especially with digital footprint of not only a person but also of properties and possession. More about Tai Lopez scam is coming out every now and then as more as he is getting more views and popularity.He was alleged to have started a dating site offering to hook guys up with richer partner. I guess you know how that will turn out to be: A gold mine for gold diggers with all king of gold digging tricks. When this gold mining master decides to go into YouTube system, you could have been rest assured that the average views will be the new cash cow to be milked.Unlike other YouTubers who are satisfied with the remuneration package set up by YouTube for their troubles, our gold digging progenitor comes in with a means to maximize the already optimized money making YouTube system. He is exploring all channels and even selling secret to be rich.With the way people are bankrolling his fake life style and claims by viewing his videos and buying his monthly subs, it may not be long before these claims turns out to be reality. The painful part would be that he is scamming people out of their money while he is not delivering any value or the value he promised to deliver.He has gone ahead to show why wrong information in the wrong quarters is going to make a millionaire out of gullible people while not delivering on value or any way to be rich in reality. Like a comparism was rightly made: Tai Lopez is like our average will to be physically fit which makes people to go ahead and buy treadmill only to be reminded of how hard it is to loose weight after a couple of use. Eventually people gradually stops using the treadmill. This can be directly superimposed on Tai Lopez methods, which so far has not made millionaire out of anyone maybe not even him as he makes his money of scamming to deliver while not delivering.Tai Lopez is a YouTube sensation forced down the throat of YouTube Audience not by choice but by regularly flashing him in their faces until he seem to appeal just like a music played continuously seems to warm up the heart of listeners over time. This is definitely is not the design of YouTube but when people like Tai get on any system, the system should brace up to be exploited through all orifice that is big enough to allow his probe.Tai Lopez uses the method of flaunting money in the face of less successful people, convince them to part with their hard earned money for a secret shortcut to getting rich. Tai Lopez goes on to feed on viewers dream of where they want to be by going to flaunt a car, a flight in private jet, his house and it has gotten to a level where he is more like a meme. Common phrases attributed to him are “here in my garage” or “here in my backyard” and a number of other phrases.And he never fail to point out books and his website. Book to validate how right he is because he reads and his website to milk unsuspecting gullible viewers. Unfortunately people are paying $67 to his “67 steps to getting rich” sites. Most people fall for his method only to find out that Tai’s method is as good as a wet blanket in winter. Why doesn’t Tai give a list and testimonial of those his method has helped except himself (allegedly)?Logical reasoning shows that average human will hide their method of making money especially if your presence in that industry will reduce their own chances of maximizing profit. So when a Tai comes offering you his secret, one need to ask if there is more to this unearthly kind gesture. The good news is that you will not need to ask long as there is $67 involved. At the end, you would have gained a method to keep you busy while the “Shi-fu” (Master) of the method smiles to the bank.Tai Lopez has been trying to release counter videos in an attempt to straighten things out but this has only gone ahead to prompt people to get a more nailing evidence of his Scamming. In his regular fashion, he tried frantically to divert attention from his accusations but does not really take on the allegations made against him. He just continued and talked about every other thing but not what he should have in terms of debunking the evidences against him while quoting himself on a release called “The Real Scam: Tai Lopez on how you have been Lied to”.Tai Lopez might be one of the reasons why we understand what Scientists were thinking about when they decided to name hurricanes after human. Just like hurricanes, he came suddenly, first as a tiny little windy harmless video then suddenly, all over YouTube adverts like a storm and if you are not careful, will leave a little $67 hole in your pocket with a promise that the hole will stitch up other holes in your pocket and if it doesn’t, you are offered another hole to cover the previous $67 hole and all other holes. Tai Lopez is not a scammer but leaves behind an after taste similar to when you have just been scammed.The only reason Tai Lopez would probably not be a scammer is if you switch off the audio of your device and learn from his action: Rent a car(Gallardo and above), video it delivered to your rented mansion and go to YouTube to offer something, people will listen!!! For those that are not listening, advertise it all over YouTube so much that they have nightmares about it. Above is a reason to hang on for “Tai-blievers”. Tai Lopez Reminds one of a fake product that is designed to work till you leave the shop of the merchant that sold it.Most of the time, Tai’s talks dwells more about subtle boasting that impartation of success making skills. After several videos, all possible knowledge imparted is on how rich Tai is but not how you can be rich unless you take out of your tiny little hard earned Benjamin and give it to that millionaire (Yes, you read that right). If you can make people part with their money and get no result but yet be happy about it, then your name is Tai Lopez or you are related to the millionaire.If value of deeds were to be the currency that determines riches, Tai Lopez would be a very poor soul but as things are he is not so rich either at least not as much as he claims to be.We must give it up to Tai Lopez for reminding people to believe more in themselves over the common peddlers of formulas for growing rich. Tai has not broken any constitutional law worth prosecuting him for aside from selling a non-verifiable method to wealth. He is a great talker and less of a doer other than flaunting a success that is still in question.Above all it is not really about Tai Lopez who is just an ordinary scammer but more about those giving power to him by patronizing his wares while unfortunately not getting vales for their investment. People need to avoid these kind of scammers and unfortunately, Tai being the first of his kind should be made to be the last. It is a collective responsibility to make sure that this type of falsehood is nipped in the bud and kept off views of everyday people. Also YouTube owe people a service to make sure that when falsehood is being propagated through their medium, it should at least be investigated and such channels be suspended or in the least, he should not have been able to advertise on their medium. Though easier mentioned than implemented as verifying people like Lopez is a big challenge.The ultimate responsibility falls on everyday people to stop patronizing falsehood and believes in their effort than a scammer’s promise of Utopia at the expense of their pocket.——————————*****—————————–I know, You have already searched for Tai Lopez net worth, Wikipedia, Age & bio, Book’s he writes and many other thing but most of the successful people out there have one thing in common: They all are learners. Learning is not sufficed to the colleges and course books.On the contrary, I believe that life experiences are the true teacher. However, very few can realize it and cash the opportunity to make something bigger. Tai Lopez, with huge internet fan followings, is one among these rare people.The life wasn’t so easy and who would know it better than Tai. Tai was broke and ended up sleeping at his mom’s living room with few dollars in his account. But, that was the start of the man in making. Tai Lopez is an inspirational individual who has gained a lot of popularity only after releasing his first YouTube video.Tai believes in luck but also exclaims that if success comes twice, then one has successfully turned the luck into skill. Tai Lopez, when had no clue about what was going to happen next, decided to find a mentor and was ready to work for free. He was focused on learning the skills that made the other person so rich and famous.And, that is when he knew that the road to success is always through a mentor. Tai, who is now one of the biggest online sensation, was nobody. Wealth and popularity were not bestowed to him by his forefathers, but knowledge was. He was destined to enjoy the life’s most precious moments with the attitude inscribed through his generations. He was taught to learn through the masters. it could either be influential books, experiences of successful individuals or any smaller act that could teache us the life’s lessons. Tai Lopez Beliefs for Life’s Next Big TurnTai has experienced a lot of glitches throughout his career. But, the dream to realize a life he wanted to have kept him going on and on.“One should first come in agreement with the lifestyle one wants to lead. After realizing it, one should work out the directions to reach there.”When in debts, Tai kept thinking about the lifestyle he wanted to realize, and it kept him excited about his work.Books are Tai’s best friends. Tai Lopez reads a book daily. He engages himself in reading about the autobiographies, success stories of celebrities and a lot more to learn about different niches. These books help him understand what it requires to become successful.Tai says, “Books are for self-development. And, one should never stop improvising one’s skill. Or, the world will move on leaving one behind.”There are many things that you wanted to be while you were young. But, as time passed, you started listening to others and take up courses that others felt you would fit in just right. Tai thinks that the world is full of advice. But, no one knows you better.According to Tai Lopez, one should brand oneself around the abilities one excels at. Pretending to be something that others want one to be is a serious mistake many of us do.And, this is the major reason why people fail to convince others about the skills they think they own. The ConclusionTai Lopez may be the most successful internet sensation, but he always remembers the day he had to call his mother for a shelter with no money in his bank account. Tai believes that the success that comes after extreme failures is precious. For him, it becomes the biggest life lesson and stays with you forever.Tai has always stressed not to follow anyone or even him, blindly. Not everyone can fit in right through the same formula that worked for him. One may require some twigging and improvising, but the principles will always work for everyone.Tai is frank and likes sharing his knowledge with others. He is master of words and knows the trick to relate with people. Tai loves traveling and interacting with people. And, that was the reason he chose a niche that would help him keep his passion alive.And, Tai stresses on doing the same to others. Tai Lopez is an inspiration and has become a very influential internet buzz with millions of followers from around the world. Tai says:“If I can, why not you.”


Tai Lopez

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