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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against TaxHelp at


Business Details –

  • Name: TaxHelp
  • Address: Meadowood Drive
  • City: Austin
  • State: TX
  • Phone: (512) 231-0252
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3277 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against TaxHelp published at says, verbatim –


There are no words… no words for how livid I have been at this entire process.We contacted Fritz in early March to do our taxes, this is the first year we haven’t used turbo tax.We met with him, gave him all of our documents, and were told it would probably take him about an hour ($175 or so).A few days later he asks if we mind if he files an extension because he’s so busy he probably can’t get to it until after April 15th.Um… that’s weird.  It’s March.  And an hour.  Is this going to impact us?  I don’t like this, but ooook.You’re the professional.  To make things weirder he sends us an allegedly totally accurate pre-submission document with the amount we owe the IRS.He tells us we need to pay this amount and he’ll file later.  This also seems weird.If you’ve gone through all the effort to get some official documents with a “final amount owed”, why don’t you just file the taxes?  Whatever, we pay.  We wait.Around May 1 we haven’t heard anything.  I email Fritz to see the status.Everything is fine, haven’t gotten around to it, we have until October to file.  No worries.Skip to end of May.  He emails my husband (despite the fact I have been the one communicating this whole time) and tells him he LOST all of our info and documents and that was the REAL delay.  But oh it’s totally cool, he found them and re-did the return.Except he had no idea what he did the first time, and somehow we now owe another $400.  But he’s not sure why.Even though the first quote was “accurate”.  Just pay it.  We email, we call, trying to get an explanation as to what was wrong.Can we get a breakdown?  Can you explain what this document is?  We get 1 word responses that don’t clarify a damn thing.I’m so mad I can’t even talk to the guy anymore and make my husband do it before I lose my mind.  He fares no better than I do, but he’s less prone to outbursts of rage.Eventually we give up and pay the additional $400 and send him our signatures to file.Do we get any sort of documentation saying our taxes have been filed?  Do we get any sort of electronic copy?  Do we get a “hey I filed your taxes email”?  Hell no.We get a bill for $350.  With no explanation, no breakdown. No “I had to spend an extra hour or two working on this because…”  Just pay me $350 after I MADE YOUR TAX LIFE HELL FOR THREE MONTHS AND NEVER PROVIDED ONE SOLID ANSWER YOU ASKED FOR.I wouldn’t even refer Fritz to my worst enemy.  I will never use an accountant as long as I live.  Disaster.



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