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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against The Brokerage House at


Business Details –

  • Name: The Brokerage House
  • Address: Southwest Greenburg Road
  • City: Tigard
  • State: OR
  • Phone: (503) 328-9335
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3625 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against The Brokerage House published at says, verbatim –


We signed on with the Rian group about 6 months ago. Since the initial sign, we felt miss-lead. the agent that came to our home stated they would do all the following to promote our home.1.) Do a market analysis for fair market value. 2.) Prepare and complete the listing agreement 3.) Recommend improvements to maximize your homes value 4.) Enter our home on MLS regionally 5.) Notify top local agents of this new listing 6.) Schedule our home for an office tour. 7.) Schedule your home for an MLS tour. 8.) Distribute just listed flyers to your neighbors. 9.) Post your home information on the Internet 10.) Notify all potential buyers with details about the listing. 11.) Arrange showing for other agents 12.) Contact us regularly with feedback from showings and open houses. 13.) Prepare progress reports to you. 14.) Discuss all marketing activities with you.Early in the listing, we found out that our home did not have all the pictures spaces filled out on the MLS and there was one picture that we asked repetitively to take down of our garage open.They never removed this picture until October and we listed with them in April/ May.We asked they post more pictures and fill out all the MLS questions for description about the home. They never did.I had personally asked for feedback form each showing, the only feedback we got for about 3 months was that they liked the house.However, no real concrete feedback until we got upset and asked again.Then the agent representing our home told us a host of things that he felt needed updated.However, this should have been provided earlier on so that we had opportunity to make it good.We offered a paint allowance, this also was no where on the listing, the agent felt this was something we should not state.Though on his personal feedback, he mentioned it and if it was an issue then they should have included this in the listing.Every month we where asked to drop our price, we did and still they came back every month to drop it again.We started to question his expertise when we presented him with what we had heard from other brokers in that they can not get through to him.Not sure if it is the chaos of their phone tree within the company or him.He just got defensive and tried to defend his phone records.We told him because we thought he might be concerned with it. It appears he was less concerned than offended.We asked he be present for showings because he needed to be able to answer questions from the brokers showing the home.He showed for maybe 5 showings in 6 months. The other showings the agents let themselves in and we scheduled to not be there.After every showing we asked for feedback and received none or very little.I ended up reaching out to the agents that left their card, and was able to get feedback immediately.Not sure why he could not do that. We painted our home, we let him know we painted.He had a lack of urgency to get new picture or capitalize on the fact that is was newly painted on the MLS.We had to take our own pictures and provide them to him. Every time there was a price change, the MLS listing was canceled and relisted NEW.They said it was to place our home on the hot sheets quicker.I am being told that the way you change a listing is to update the data and then it will move to top of list.I have asked for a copy of each time they canceled and renewed our listing showing we agreed to this and they still have not supplied copies.Our listing has the agent on there, but he is in AGENT REMARKS and only viewable via Agent view and after you read through the description of the home.We asked he move his name to Co-Agent and he refuses to.We ask him to be there for a couple showing while we where out of town.He stated he was there and that he and the other agent turned off the lights and locked the doors personally.When we returned home, the back door was left unlocked and all the lights still on.We had agents show up hr early, he knew and did not tell us.When stating it would be nice to know these things, he played like he did not know.We saw the text to the customers agent had and he knew.When presented this, so sorry no nothing.The lockbox was left unsecured from another showing.We have asked for copies of all the things below, we wanted to be sure this was processed to ensure all marketing strategies were done. Never provided.5.) Notify top local agents of this new listing 6.) Schedule our home for an office tour. 7.) Schedule your home for an MLS tour. 8.) Distribute just listed flyers to your neighbors.We are now at the end of our agreement and I have asked they cancel our listing.I asked this 2.5 weeks before the end and was told they do not cancel listings.I do not trust the Rian group to even sell my home anymore nor do I think they can work or negotiate a deal that is good for both sides.I rate this company 0 out of 10. Unethical


The Brokerage House

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