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  • Name: The Clean Program
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  • Phone: +1 8884978417
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  • Reported Loss: 500 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


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I got to know about this 21 day clean program while browsing internet for the weight loss solution. I went through many options and after checking the reviews and the way these guys have demonstrated their worth, I paid $475 for this program not knowing that it is as worthless as all those programs I have already tried so far. It is true, being too much concerned about my increasing weight and never ending food cravings, I have tried so many programs out there.There was a time when I gave up thinking that nothing works. However, the last keto diet did help me a little, not completely tough. Hence, with a little hope left, I decided to go on my last diet program before shutting my hope doors. And, here we are, I am again being cheated. People fighting with extra weight go through a lot of problems in their life and these scams only make situations worse.However, coming back to the clean program, I started this program a month back. I followed every instructions, and their supplements and other shakes that they provided. Not for a day, I cheated the plan. After a week, I did feel a bit of energy may be because I had left caffeine and alcohol as asked by the program. But, later, the headaches started.It was very difficult to follow the routines. But, I followed it ritually. I did everything that the program asked for. I did not check my weight for all those 21 days as I was not ready to invite any negativity while I was on the diet plan. I did seem a little lethargic at times because of the change in my meal plans.But, I never took anything seriously. I continued the plan for all 21 days. And, before checking my weight, I sat for sometime looking at the weighing scale. Finally, when I got on the scale, I was devastated. My weight had actually increased. The increase wasn’t much but was very slight. I had never hoped of something like this.I called these guys and asked for a refund. I had invested so much and they made me suffer even more. I know how difficult it is to lose weight. Ask those who are struggling from years to get into shape. I could have been okay if it wouldn’t have worked as I have experienced that before. But, I was not ready to accept such change. I wasn’t ready to see some extra weight on mu body when there was already excess of it.As expected, these guys did not refund my money and told me that I would have cheated the program. This is a scam. You cannot blame me for something that you did. It was their product that did not work even slightly. On the contrary, I was taken back to the last diet I followed.I was even regular with my gym and swimming. Still this program did not work. These guys are scammers.


The Clean Program

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