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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Tire Choices at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Tire Choices
  • Address: South Tamiami Trail
  • City: Fort Myers
  • State: FL
  • Phone: +1(239) 415-2777
  • Website: https://locations.thetirechoice.com
  • Reported Loss: 6540 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Tire Choices published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Giving coupons in one’s business is terming one’s business-minded calculations “vague.” What are coupons meant for? They are meant for uncertainties. Surely there are enough businessmen around, who do not trust their calculation. They are the ones who are the happiest after the invention of coupons. Moreover, the invention of coupons must have been done by a businessman who must have been, just like how they are, uncertain. Somebody should research coupon making business and how it is a businessman who profit from this coupon thing and not consumers.Coupon is like a lollipop shown to a kid by his parents, who do not have the money to buy the toy at which the kid points. Not only that parents do not have the money, but also do they no want their kid to not know that they do not have the money to buy it! People should understand that coupons give freedom to the businessman to make mistakes! As many mistakes as they want to make. They can make a mistake and give a coupon. Again if they make a mistake, they can give a coupon. It is as if they are bribing legally. And the fact that they make after giving a coupon, tells you about the real story. They are very happy to give you a coupon. If there is anything that can lead to the loss in their business, they would be very unhappy! But while giving a coupon, it is as if they are rewarding us! They are in turn, very happy. And seeing that, I don’t know what! But it makes us happy too. And we buzz off like there has been a win-win condition without even thinking that that person who was unable to sell us the thing he promised to do, has now, not only sold us some more of his/her business but also gained our trust.I am fed up with this coupon giving business. I had received a coupon from Tire Choice for an Oil Change. So I called to ask if $15.99 oil change coupon was valid, Sal confirmed it was. I dropped off 2003 Buick LeSabre for oil change. My wife picked it up and we were charged over $26 for no additional services. It was just the freaking oil change! Please do not go there, I will go there never again. First time user and they charge me 70% over their coupon price to get the car back. I will post this review everywhere! So foolish, they could have had a customer for life. I live 1/4 mile away with 3 cars. I will never do business with TIRE Choice again and will tell everyone about it. Tire Choice 15530 S Tamiami trail fort Myers (formerly Rick Johnsons) Rick Johnsons is now Tire Choice! Avoid it! It is a total ripoff. If I would have come across any such review before, I would have never went there. But as I couldn’t, I wish you to come across this and to avoid doing this. Please do not indulge in any kind of business with this Tire Choice. They can prove to be your worst nightmare. It may sound all realistic to you when they offer you coupons but just remember that coupons are offered by businessmen, who do not do their calculations precisely and end up offering a service or a product that doesn’t turn up to be fruitful for the customer.And I wasn’t the only one who was fooled in this manner, there were almost everybody in their neighborhood whom they had managed to fool. It wasn’t only for the oil change that they had coupons for! They had coupons for car servicing, tire changing, lubrication almost everything. I met a person who told me how he was fooled for car servicing. He had went for making a puncture into this place and because it was night. See the opportunity, they grabbed more dollars from him, but that is just for starters. This person gave it because he needed to get it done. They gave him a coupon even when he didn’t ask for it! The coupon was for car servicing. It was boldly written on the coupon,” free car servicing.” As he was passing from nearby, he stopped by the station and got her car serviced.After that, he was handed over the bill. This person showed his coupon that he carried with him and they said that the coupon wasn’t valid! When this person argued the validity should have been mentioned on the coupon itself, they said that it was a mistake that the validity wasn’t mentioned but they did not entertain this thing at all. This person was made to pay the charge. And this isn’t just happening in the car business, it is happening everywhere. It is happening if you go for online shopping! If you go for something else. They give you coupons!I wanted to write this mentioning Tire Choice, the company that gave me a hard time. The company that gave coupons. Please do not trust them! Even they do not trust them, so they offered coupons to anyone and maybe everyone. They have an ill intention which is seen by the nature in which their business operates, which is only through coupons. Maybe they do not believe in earning money through hard work or maybe they are not efficient enough! Whatever their case is, they have fooled me and my wife. They have also fooled the person about which I have written about. And if you are reading this and they have fooled you too, please write about it and acknowledge the readers about the foul business done by this company that rips person off by forcing him to take coupons and then not returning its value as mentioned or in some cases (which was the case of this person), completely not turning it into any value by giving lame excuses, some print error or god knows what!There are so foolish to think that we are very foolish and if we choose them, they will be right about us being foolish and which is not the case.


Tire Choices

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