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  • Name: Tonje Kearney – Realty One Group
  • Address:
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  • Phone: (623) 205-9976
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  • Reported Loss: 3000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


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The first red flag in my mind occurred when I reviewed the Property Inspection Report prepared for the buyers by Eagle Eye Property Inspectors. The report falsely reported several water leaks under sinks and at connection valves that were all bone dry. All of the cabinets where the report claimed water leaks showed no sign of current leaks or previous water damage.When called out on these obvious fabricated deficiencies, Tonje switched into her rage mode where she would insult everyone who challenged the water leak claim as being incompetent to make such determinations, including two private professional contractors that I hired who both certified that no water leaks existed.She redefined a water leak as the presence of calcium deposits versus the industry standard of being watertight. In a correspondence to my realtor, Tonje wrote ” I told your seller’s wife and you that I ‘could’ create what in your and your seller’s opinion is considered a leak by cleaning the calcification off the pipes (which is the only thing that is preventing dripping).”Since Tonje provided a photo showing a water spot on a paper towel under a sink after she went to the property by herself, I can only assume that she was scraping and banging on the drain pipes to cause a leak.The inspection report also falsely claimed that the dishwasher and wine cooler were not functional, and that the microwave oven did not heat up a cup of water. All three appliances were in perfect working order.The wine cooler was simply not plugged in. With regard to the microwave, it’s difficult to imagine that a licensed property inspector would not know how to operate a GE Spacesaver microwave, known as the #1 selling built-in microwave oven in the country.Further evidence to the highly questionable inspection report are the facts that 1) Tonje requested a $3,000 reduction in the sales price in lieu of repairs and 2) Tonje admitted that she paid for the inspection.In addition to the circus surrounding the property inspection, Tonje consistently demonstrated throughout escrow that she is an arrogant unethical dishonest out-of -control pathological liar. I can count on one hand the number of times that she actually told the truth.If I acted like this in my professional capacity, I would promptly and rightfully be fired. I am extremely grateful that I had a realtor ( that endured the personalinsults from Tonje and remained professional throughout.Since the escrow has closed and thankfully I will never have to deal with Tonje Kearney again, my only motivation for writing this review is to warn others who may consider using her dis-services, and to serve as a benchmark from which the many violations of the Code of Ethics for Realtors can be documented and presented to the authority that has issued her license.As a final comment, I will not be surprised to see a backlash from Tonje regarding this review in the rant and rage style that she is known for. Don’t be surprised to see a pictured painted of the warm and compassionate person that she wants us to see, while all the while we know the truth.


Tonje Kearney – Realty One Group

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