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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against TOPRATEDACCOUNTS.COM at


Business Details –

  • Address: East 8th Street
  • City: York
  • State: NE
  • Phone: 7708621697
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against TOPRATEDACCOUNTS.COM published at says, verbatim –


DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY WHEN SELLING YOUR EBAY ACCOUNT OR BUYING ONE FROM THIS WELL KNOWN AND ESTABLISHED SCAMMER.DANNY BUTLOR WHO HAS SCAMMED LOTS OF PEOPLE OVER THE YEARS. HE EVEN LOST HIS EYE BECAUSE A CUSTOMER FOUND HIM AND TOOK REVENGE.BELOW IS JUST ONE OF THE ARTICLES DANNY BUTLOR WAS FEATURED IN. HE IS THE OWNER OF TOPRATEDACCOUNTS.COMFollowing their arrest in March, Orchard, the chief instigator, was charged with fraud and transferring criminal cash. Butler was accused of money-laundering. They admitted the charges and appeared for sentence at York Crown Court on Friday.Read more at: flurry of complaints led police to Ripon men Jamie Orchard, 29, and Daniel Butler, 32, but the link to the Far East remains unsolved.After being contacted by one of the victims, Orchard, of Whitcliffe Avenue, sent out an email claiming he had been caught up in a scam by Hong Kong-based fraudsters who offered him cheap X-Boxes for sale.Mr Cordey said that on two dates in August and September 2014, money was paid out of Daniel Butler’s account – used by Orchard – to two named companies in the Far East. The amount paid into Orchard’s PayPal account from the online auctions was £15,563, of which £13,000 was transferred into Butler’s account. Only 10 of the victims provided police with proof of their losses, which amounted to £2,600. Mr Cordey said that Butler – a mechanical engineer who is currently winding down an E-Bay brokerage business – suspected the money coined in by Orchard had been obtained illegally, but allowed him to use his account to transfer the cash because his friend had difficulty accessing his own funds



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