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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Tradewins Publishing at


Business Details –

  • Name: Tradewins Publishing
  • Address: New Leicester Highway
  • City: Asheville
  • State: NC
  • Phone: +1 888-233-1431
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 300 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Tradewins Publishing published at says, verbatim –


I am a trader and have been investing in stocks for a long time. There are many things that I have learnt from the information present on the web. That is the reason, I do look for new strategies and help online. The first time I came to know about Tradewins is when I was looking for some information on a particular trade. In the search result, I came to know about this publishing company that offers a subscription to newsletters related to trading. They do have few books as well on the topic.I checked their website and was impressed with the list of authors they featured on the home page. I have read a few topics from one or two authors from the list. So, I felt as if the company was really nice and decided to subscribe to the newsletter. Later I also checked their Trade options for a living course and was very excited to subscribe for that too. The website referred to a few of my favorite traders and I did not think it through.I just went ahead and subscribed to the course. The detail of the course was highly exaggerated. I did not like the way they presented the claims when they are not competitive enough to keep even 10 percent of their promise. The company is all about talks, they are not good at making that happen. The tips were very usual. They say that the tips are 100 percent guaranteed for high results. However, some failed miserably. I followed everything that the course offered only to find out that the tips were common and there was nothing unique in the course.Sometimes, I did get few bucks in profit. But there were times when I lost miserably as well. The course also offered four specific trades each week. And, these were also 50 percent successful. Sometimes, even less. The two years subscription was promised with the course for the newsletter and the 4 trades per week. However, this was another big problem with the company. They stopped sending me newsletters after three months. Although I was not making a lot from their suggestions, they had to send me the tips because I had paid for it.I even contacted them for the problem. And, it took them more than 15 days to revert me on the matter. I kept waiting for their calls and emails, and they made me wait and wait. They had sent me three DVDs to start with. They claimed that after watching those DVDs, I would be able to trade myself. Because I was already into trading, I did not find much help from those DVDs. They are completely old school. I feel I have better strategies from what they had to offer. Anyway, I was looking for those specific trade tips. And, they were also not very clean. I understand that the market is never predictable when it is about stock trading. However, they try to lure users by promising them the world. It did seem to me that way.When they stopped sending me the tips, I really felt cheated. With the package, I also received a DVD that was claimed to be worth $2000, recording of a seminar for making income through trading. When I checked the DVD, I felt completely disappointed, thinking that people who are beginners must be paying so much for this cheap information. I collected all those tips and strategies and even more from the internet for free.In short, this publication is cheating its subscribers. Those who are not aware of anything may feel that the course is useful at the start. But they also will not be able to make a lot out of it. Moreover, there is no way to conclude this course a great option for beginners as well. I found it rather cut and paste from the internet and not including any solid unique strategy. Why pay so much when you can easily get all those tips for free?It has been more than seven months and almost 4 months since the day the newsletter stopped. I am not sure what to do and I have been trying to contact these people every now and then. I take out time in the weekends to ensure that I have followed up with these guys about the subscription and the complaint made. However, they always provide me some unusual reason and promise to sort is at the earliest.They also say that they have got 2 years of money back guarantee. However, when I sent them an email about the same, as I wanted my money back, they did not even care to reply. I do not want any more tips from tradewins. I just want my money back. Or else, I will have to take action against them. This complaint is just the start of the war that they put me through.I am not going to stop. They just ignore my requests. This is how these people treat their customers and subscribers. I am not going to recommend this company to anyone. And, those who are planning to trust and depend on their subscriptions must stay away as well. They have nothing unique to offer. Instead, you can check for other subscriptions that are cheaper and better. I was scammed and would not want anyone to go through the same experience. Tradewins is a liar. The company just creates huge attractions on the website to lure subscribers.They claim to offer a $2000 DVD with the $$297 subscription plan. Huh! Isn’t that a complete marketing claim. They offer nothing. They are just liars and they keep lying to you for the entire time. You should better trust your guts when trading and you may make better profits than what is offered through their specific trades each week.Do not ever trust tradewins or you would be losing your money the way I did. They must have disappointed and cheated many customers. I did find a few complaints later when researching their reviews. Do not make the same mistake.


Tradewins Publishing

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