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Business Details –

  • Name: Trails Carolina
  • Address: Winding Gap Road
  • City: Lake Toxaway
  • State: NC
  • Phone: +1800-975-7303
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 20000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Trails Carolina published at says, verbatim –


There are no words to describe the sickness of the center that prevails at Trails Carolina. Supposed to be a therapeutic center, Trails Carolina runs as a cult to torture patients and the clients whom they promise to help. The weirdest part of the entire course is that the admission counsellor instructs your legal guardian or parent, not to inform where they would be taking the enrolled.I was one of those lucky ones who did not have to go through that experience. I was well informed before time and knew that they came home dragging everyone in the middle of the night to pack bags and travel to Trails Carolina. Everyone in my team, had to go through that.Even after graduation from the center, I was left with PTSD for many years later. I still get Goosebumps remembering what happened the day I arrived. They pushed me into a room, gave me a uniform and asked me to strip and change infront of others. It is very cold in North Carolina and it can drop beyond 0 degrees in the mountains of North Carolina.There was strict routine followed which was too stringent for someone like me. I was there for my anger control problem and I had never hurt anyone in my life. It was a minor problem. But, they treated everyone as criminals.The food was pathetic, and they used to tell us when to eat. There were times, when they did not allow us to eat at all. The menu will give you headache. They provided oats on Monday’s morning.We had to prepare it ourselves with the hot water, they provided. Lunch was same for all the days in a week. A tortilla and honey. Monday dinner was beans and rice. They gave us a cup and we were allowed to eat one to 2.5 cups measured. Tuesday, they provided mush, that was a mixture of whatever was left with us. They provided everyone a p-bag, every Wednesday. This contained 6 oranges, peanut butter, resins and other stuffs. So, we had to eat the left overs from the p-bag on Tuesday night.They had 5 different programs with different Trails Carolina cost. Trails Carolina cost varied a lot for different packages. The first program is Trailhead. After that, they have Waypoint. Which is followed by Legend, Barron and lastly, the navigator.I never made it to the navigator and I am thankful that I did not. To be candid, I never made any progress during the time, I was there. When I asked for a release and my parents backed my decision, my trainer, Todd Green did not allow for my release. According to him, I was not ready. My problem was nothing when put along with the other’s problems. There were people who were involved in drug trafficking.He even suggested my parents to put me to the therapeutic boarding school. He informed that I was doing worse. He tried everything to get me back to my old behaviour, so that he could keep me there. Trails Carolina abuse is done for amusement, and the people are sick. My parents had to hire an attorney to get me out of that mess.They made us pick sticks while searching in the woods during rains. It was freezing cold out there and if anyone did not do as asked, their names were marked in the blue book. They had to experience the consequences. Trails Carolina abuse was not only limited to the activities, but was obvious through their behaviour.The staffs were trained not to react at anything. They were oblivious and pretended that they do not care, even if they did. After I was released, I contacted the North Carolina Department of Health as well as Human services. The reply was not socking at all. North Carolina reviews from these departments were not good. From past 5 years, Trails Carolina was charged for using medicine on minors that was not prescribed. However, they were still doing it. We used to make us eat a medicine calling it vitamins and never said what it was for.I went there during winter. My sleeping bag was ripped off and when I asked for another one. The staff, he threw dental floss on me and asked me to sew it. So inhuman.We had to fight for the correct report from the trainer. He was not ready to give me a blue signal. When we threatened him for the legal consequences, he gave us the clean letter. It took months for us to get that letter. Finally, I was admitted to the normal high school. But, the experience still leaves me with coldness.If I start writing every minute detail about the experience, it would take days. These people at Trails Carolina are criminals and should be reported sooner. There was a death of a student who was under their custody, but they tried everything to suppress that news. Trails Carolina death was the huge disaster, but it never got the hype, it should have got.The students who joined with me, were in contact after their discharge. I contacted them to get an insight of the progress they made while graduating from there and everyone had the same thing to say.Nothing changed and many of them, started living on their own after relapse. I remember an instance when my mom said to me dad, “where have we sent our child.” There used to be a retreat session and all the parents of the students used to meet.When my parents came to know about the things that the other students did, they were taken aback. Other students were charged for drug trafficking, car stealing, larceny etc. I was only impulsive. However, I had never hurt anyone. I would say this again. I never hurt anyone.Trails Carolina scams should be given highest priority to be curbed. There is nothing that can match their level in terms of inhumanity.


Trails Carolina

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