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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against TruMark Financial Credit Union at


Business Details –

  • Name: TruMark Financial Credit Union
  • Address: North 5th Street
  • City: Philadelphia
  • State: PA
  • Phone: (877) 878-6275
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3252 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against TruMark Financial Credit Union published at says, verbatim –


The customer service TruMark Financial Credit Union provided today was HORRIBLE!I must say “I am not a member of TruMark” However, TruMark is a shared bank with the bank that I do have an account with … So it allows me to go here as well as a couple other financial centers for banking services.So if I was able to get to my bank/ I did not need to make a withdrawal. I would have never came here. (And I really wish I didn’t)So I walk in through the secured doors. Feel out the withdrawal slip and get in line.The line is pretty long because I’m guessing maybe because the 1st is New Years and the branch will be closed.Also this bank has a lot of bilingual bank tellers here. Which is a plus, because it seemed like 95 % of the people that came in were Hispanic.But the part is some of the customers only knew Spanish and did not understand when the bank teller said “next”… And the tellers could tell the customer did not understand English. Yet still did not call or signal the customer.They just waited for another customer that was able to speak Spanish told the customer…..So the line is moving slow. So finally I get to the bank teller.She’s saying “next” but I can’t see her because she’ll sitting at the end with her chair low..(ridiculous) When I get down to where she is her and the teller beside her have no customer.So instead of her saying “I said next”.. It’s like she wanted me to read her brain lmaoo.She puts my acct# in and says “it’s not working the acct# number could be wrong or maybe your bank system is down and it won’t let me pull it up” … So being as though this is my first time coming to this branch or even using one of my financial centers shared banks.I go to hand her the card I received when I opened my account with my acct# number on it.So she can double check the numbersAnd she just blurts out without even looking at the card. “I already tried three times it won’t let me, you need to call customer service”I’m at lost for words, after waiting in that line…. No type of customer service, just classless.So I step out of line, after picking up my withdrawal slip. I drop my darn phone I’m so annoyed at her unprofessionalism. And I hear her say “if you like you can go in the conference room”…I was a bank teller at Wachovia for almost 4 years. And when I tell you we strived for excellent customer service!We looked to make the customers transaction was easy as possible.So not only did I have to wait 15 mins on hold with customer service for my bank.Just to find out if the bank teller would have just looked at the card I tried to show her.I could have avoided wasting 20 mins out of my day. Just because she wanted to make it harder for me…So I get back in line and now almost all the teller are out talking behind the counter but yet no one is calling me.Than one young girl does. And she acts like she has a attitude lmaoo. (I truly will never understand people) she puts my money on the counter and not in my hand….Update ::: I spoke with the branch manager and she was very apologetic about my bad experience that day.And I really respect and appreciate it! When someone reaches out to you after having a bad experience.It shows that they do in fact value their customers. Which she didn’t have to do. So thank you!


TruMark Financial Credit Union

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