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  • Name: UCSF Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone: (415) 353-7878
  • Website: http://ucsfhealth.org
  • Reported Loss: 410 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against UCSF Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


On May 24, I was a patient at the mohs surgery center at U.C.S.F. In all honestly it was the worst and most physically painful experience of my life. Since it is a teaching hospital, I am taking the time to inform you of my experience, so perhaps you can improve the education of these future physicians. I for one will never go back to U.C.S.F. again or recommend it. I do have to say the check in was great and the LVN was very friendly and informative. She was the sole staff person that introduced herself and explained her role. From the RN to the Doctor no one ever introduced themselves. Besides the LVN no one ever called me by name. While the Fellow and the Resident were causing such incredible pain, all they could say is “sir”. For God’s sake, put a sticky note on my forehead with my first name. At least consider that I am a real person and not a piece of meat to experiment/practice on. I was there for a total of nine hours. I was never I offered anything to eat or drink. Even as much as, I was bleeding, I was never offered any fluids. First I was told I could leave, but then my friend and I had the impression that due to my bleeding, I had to stay in the room. No matter what, no one communicated or suggested that I find something to eat. As I stated previously, I was there for nine hours. They wonder why I was getting nauseated at the end? After they were finished stitching me up, the RN came in with a small ice pack, put it in my hand and told me to put it on my face. I was in such shock from the pain of the stitching and getting sick that I could barely move. I was able to get the ice pack to my armpit and there it melted, until my friend was allowed to come into the room and put it on my face. The doctor, resident and RN saw me in the state I was in, and did nothing to assist me. Thank God for my friend, she was able to help me up and get me out of the building. I could never have done it on my own, and none of the staff there offered to help. In the beginning when the LVN went over everything, she wanted a phone number for the evening. I asked why? She said someone would follow up and see how I was. Two and half weeks later, I have never heard from anyone. That is really sad! My biggest concern, complaint, and what has me really angry is the reconstruction. First, by this time they already knew I was a bleeder, with the Fellow saying he hadn’t seen anyone bleed like I did. At almost sixty I have scars on my body and face from a great and full life. At one point the Doctor mentioned letting the incisions heal on their own. But then he was marking my face up and more needles for pain and cut, cut. There was never any discussion of my options. Why wasn’t I asked what repair I wanted, if any? I happened to be speaking with a client about the surgery and she had been at UCSF two years ago, and went on and on about the doctor and the discussion about the repair. She even knew the name of her doctor. I had none of that. No one mentioned I wouldn’t be able to use my reading glasses for two weeks. I am a real estate broker and that’s a huge issue. Once they cut me and I started really bleeding, they had to bring in suction. Shouldn’t the room had suction? T he pain was excruciating. At one point a female voice said hello to the fellow who was stitching me up. She said “looks like you are busy”, he said “sort of”. Anyhow she mentioned she was leaving to go to the floor above. He said he really wanted to see her and would be their shortly. (Unbelievable and very inappropriate). Shortly thereafter he left and the resident was left unsupervised to sew me up. Perhaps the excessive bleeding took the numbing medicine out so I felt the pain of every stitch. At one point the resident actually noticed how much pain I was in and asked about more medicine. By that point I had enough needles in my face (after nine hours) I said just get it over with. The last area of where he stitched still hasn’t healed. In fact two weeks later it is still bleeding and I just had my Local MD check it. Most likely I will have to have something done to repair the “reconstruction” scar. So why did you put me thru the pain and trauma of the repair? The only thing I can think of, is the Fellow and Resident needed practice. Unfortunately the Fellow’s personal life was more important than the patient’s needs. I am so disgusted in UCSf. It was so different at UC Davis when my wife had surgery in January. At UCD everyone introduced themselves, explained what was going on, and asked about any concerns we might have.. Perhaps you should look at the UC Davis environment, mission statement and teaching mode. I am sure they are producing far superior Physicians and at the very least their MD/patient rapport is miles ahead of UCSF.


UCSF Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center

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