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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Unique LQD & Primal Group at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Unique LQD & Primal Group
  • Address:
  • City: Mexico City
  • State: CDMX
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Unique LQD & Primal Group published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Dear New potential Investor,Please read the advice of an existing investor. My advice is to do due diligence and ask your accountant to demand to see the last 8 years accounts, no profits to date, no harvests to date of either Coconuts or Neem, negative accounts and loses.  Next ask your lawyers to check about labor lawsuits in Brazil by ex-employees and legal action being taken by Investors against Unique/Primal Group. After doing your due diligence in Unique LQD/Primal Group you will discover both negative accounts/loses and multiple lawsuits in Brazil by ex-employees, problems with the Brazilian government and lawsuits by investors.I invested with Unique LQD managed by Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman, in coconuts many years ago. This proved to a big mistake. The advertisement was a full of false information, such as 2 hectares of coconuts, full title deeds, very high returns and income within 3 years. To date I have received zero returns from my Neem investments, only demands to bail out Unique/Primal Group by paying the demanded 10% Crop Management fees to try and prevent them running out of money and going Bankrupt.Before I was invested, I asked if all the planning permission and permits are in place. I was informed that all planning permission and permits were already in place and coconuts would soon be planted. This later proved not to be true and I was forced to change to Neem Trees. I wasn’t happy about this and asked for my money back but was told my only option was to switch from Coconuts to Neem, since Unique LQD couldn’t get water permits for the Coconuts but didn’t need these permits for Neem. An honest well management company would have first done research and obtained planning permission and permits for Coconuts before selling the Coconuts to investors.I consider this to be false and misleading information, in sell Coconuts that could not be planted due to not being able to get the permits. An honest company would have given the investor his or her money back.New Investors that invested in Primal Group were also not given the full facts or informed of the many problems and told every is good and everything is on time. These new Investors were sold Neem and informed that investors could get full title deeds, when Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman, knew that it was not possible for foreigners to obtain title deeds.A few months ago, investors got sent out an email demanding 10 % Crop Management Fees.Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman informed Investors that it was not possible for foreigners to get title deeds for agricultural land and tried to force investors to switch to shares with them getting 30 % of the total investment.Investors asked lots of questions such as could they prove that they had in fact invested 30 % of the money? These questions got ignored or received a stupid answer.When Investors asked were has all the money gone at first the question was ignored or avoided.Later Unique LQD provided an Excel spreadsheet that showed where most of the money had gone.If you’re not convinced, I went through the expense’s spreadsheet. If you scroll down, you can see details on the Brazil and US sheets. Here’s a snippet:Anthony J Archer    $480,000 annual plus expenses $3000 per month ($36,000) plus $4000 monthly credit cardAndrew J Goodman    $240,000 annual salary PLUS $5,500 monthly credit card plus $77,000 annual for house in MexicoTravel        $10,000 per month for airfare and hotelsMedical Benefits $1000 per monthLawyer      $20,000 August, $20,000 Sept, $10,000 October, $5000 Nov… (US/Brazil only)Lawyer     additional in MexicoMexico manager $93,000 per yearMexico Marketing manager $31,538Mexico Operations ManagerWeb DevelopersWhen Investors complained to Anthony Archer he replied that he and Andrew had done no wrong and that they had earned the very high salaries, credit cards bills, housing charged, flights etc charged all charged to the company and taken out of investors money. No wonder Unique LQD is heading towards going bankrupt when excess amounts of investors money is being taken out by these two.Internet, cable TV, all else paid as a business expense and on and on…Gee, I think I want to work there. We’re paying for lawyers who are working against us.The evidence is above supplied by Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman and taken from the Excel spreadsheet they provided to investors.Unique LQD/Primal Group are fast running out of money and are desperate for some stupid new Investors to fall for sales spin and lies and to bail them out and stop them going bankrupt.Walk away and Investor with an honest company, not Unique LQD/Primal Group.XXX


Unique LQD & Primal Group

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