Unitus Community Credit Union Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Unitus Community Credit Union at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Unitus Community Credit Union
  • Address: Southwest 6th Avenue
  • City: Portland
  • State: OR
  • Phone: (503) 227-5571
  • Website: http://unitusccu.com
  • Reported Loss: 3685 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Unitus Community Credit Union published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


To whomever it may concern, I am extremely disappointed in Unitus Community Credit Union’s service.I need to deposit a check into my account and it was made out to my husband however he endorsed the back of it therefore it shouldn’t be a problem to deposit into my account.If you look in my account your company has accepted checks in the past so I don’t know where the disconnect happened.When I put it into the ATM I had to make a specific trip since you changed your policy.The closest one is in the heart of downtown Portland so I did it before the traffic started.When I called to verify it was in my account and to see if there was any way the funds could stop pending early, Amber said she couldn’t lift the hold because it was “suspicious activity” since it was a large amount that was deposited into an ATM.She also said I already have a large amount of money in my account (which was a rent check that needed to clear) so she wasn’t able to help me. This doesn’t make any sense.This really bothered me. My husband is on the east coast right now interviewing for residency programs and will be an M.D. this June.I was doing him a favor by depositing it into the account for him because he needs to buy more tickets and hotels for future interviews.Amber asked if it was made out to him and I said yes and he endorsed it as well.Why didn’t she tell me it was going to be sent back to me by mail.This morning when I woke up I checked my account and the money was taken out.I called LIVID because if I didn’t check, I would have been screwed.When I talked to a supervisor she said it was taken out because it was made out to my husband…even though it was endorsed.I needed to go into the bank. I asked if it was still there and she said no it was mailed yesterday.My concern is I know you need to abide by your policies but you do have in your control your customer service and you should have called to let me know what was happening and I could have gone down there and deposited it into his account.When I told this to the supervisor she said, “We don’t have the man power to call every customer.”Well I am so sorry to inconvenience you with our business.We will be closing our accounts as soon as I find another bank to bank at.Therefore that might help with your ‘manpower’ issues.


Unitus Community Credit Union

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