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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against V P Realty at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: V P Realty
  • Address: Main Street
  • City: Trumbull
  • State: CT
  • Phone: (203) 268-8645
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3658 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against V P Realty published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


V P Realty represented clients who purchased our home.Realtor misrepresented fiscal picture of his clients at the time of signing.Clients were to sign paperwork and transfer money on Friday morning.Our agent confirmed with VP Realty that clients were clear to close on Wednesday.We were moving out of state and signed our paperwork Thursday afternoon.Their client supposedly had a minor problem with loan but agent was convinced it would be straightened out by Friday (we were told Thursday at our signing).Thursday night we received an email from our attorney that the buyers still did not receive the clear to close but, according to their lawyer who works at VP Realty, it was a minor credit card issue that would be resolved by Monday.We continued to our new home, planning to meet the movers on Tuesday am.Monday the issue was not resolved. It was not resolved until Tuesday night.At that point, all utilities were turned off and my realtor had to turn them back on.We had everything but gas. Client and realtor were 30 minutes late for walkthrough.VP Realty and attorney were made aware that we had been staying at a hotel and were in risk of losing our mortgage on our new home.They did not care. My agent helped buyers set up utilities- not their agent.Since the gas company could not turn gas back on at that time, agent from VP Realty told my agent and confirmed with his clients in front of my agent that we would put $500 in escrow until heat could be tested.Paper work was signed Wednesday afternoon and funds released to buyer attorney who is another realtor at VP Realty, Wednesday night.We still did not have our money however. Original closing date was the previous Friday.My realtor, with our input, sent a detailed email to VP Realtor and buyers’ lawyer (also employee of VP Realty) detailing the level of increased stress and expense we had endured and to please release funds in the morning so we could settle our purchase, book movers, and start work on Monday. No response.I called buyers’ attorney myself letting him know we were going to have to redo our mortgage if this went past Thursday.No response. I then spoke to buyers’ realtor from VP Realty who said the main reason for the delay was their inability to test the heat.I mentioned the $500 escrow, home warranty we offered, and that the delay was due to his clients failing to secure funding at the 11 th hour.He then said “The escrow hold back for the heat is $10,000. I never said $500 ” (he did twice).My realtor’s broker had to contact buyers’ attorney and get money released. Gas and heat were restored prior.30 minutes after our bank received funds, we had our keys. Clearly not a banking issue.Absolutely the most shady people I have ever dealt with.This cost us thousands of dollars in expenses and we were nothing but nice to deal with.We promptly made any repairs and closed on a date THEY chose.Avoid this firm. Many other ethical realtors available in Trumbull.


V P Realty

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