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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against VKR Holding at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: VKR Holding
  • Address: Breeltevej
  • City: Hørsholm
  • State:
  • Phone: +45 3969 1144
  • Website: https://vkr-holding.com/vkr/
  • Reported Loss: 6699 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against VKR Holding published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I owned a place and needed to install the skylight at four different sites in the same house. I was recommended to many companies, the good ones, which had served my friends and family with utmost satisfactory results. However, I chose to go with this company that called itself the child company of VKR holdings. This is the only reason why I selected this company and paid in advance too. Before paying them the money, these guys called me often and even came down to check and analyse the work at my house. They suggested a lot of things. On their suggestion, I selected the one skylight choices that were expensive and would take taken time for installation.I had limited budget but I was ready to take loan for the installation of those skylights. I even had applied for a personal loan and paid them from my savings. After the payment, these guys started showing little to no interest. They had provided me an appointment for the other week after I made the payment. However, they never showed up. Not just that, they also tried to avoid my calls. I had to call from a different number to get hold of the guy in talks. The guy told me that they tried my number before coming and couldn’t get a reply. So, they had to cancel the appointment. This is ridiculous. Can you not think of a better excuse mister?I am fed up of their lies now. In a duration of two months, these guys have made a complete fool of me. I am not at all able to find out why these guys keep ignoring my calls and when answer, they have too many flimsy excuses to cover their mistake. I do not buy any of those. But I am stuck with these people as I have already paid them and they say they do not have a refund policy.I was able to get the attention a week later when they did not come to my place during the first appointment. These guys turn up with two site’s installation kits. They even missed to bring few of the bolts and other accessories for finishing the installation. Hence, what they really did that day was that they offloaded all the materials and said they would come with the complete material and will start the work then. The guy was very rude. He was not ready to answer properly. When I asked about the date when he would come back, he just ignored my question the first three times. After finishing the offloading, when I insisted on a date, he asked me to call the office and confirm the same. He would have told me that earlier as well. Anyway, I do not mind that guy until he gets my material and does the installation. However, that is still a story.After he left, I called back the manager who was appointed for my installation. He was not in the city and my calls went straight to the voice mail. So, I called the company’s number directly and asked for the dates. They told me that I would get a confirmation call as soon as that manager would come back. They said that he was out for the weekend and would arrive after three days. I waited till 5 days before making a call again. I was again sent to the voice mail. Later, I got a call saying that the manager has left the office and they would be assigning someone else. They did tell me to wait for 24 hours to get things sorted, however, never returned the calls.There was no lead from them. I did receive a message from a number saying that the guy would be handling the installation at my home and would be sending out the materials the next day. At least someone had the responsibility to take charge of the situation. I stayed at home as they had requested for my availability as the items was reaching anytime. Because I had no clue about the time slot, I took leave and stayed back at home.The day went by and they did not show up. As before, I called the number from which I was messaged. Again, no reply. I was not able to get hold of anyone. I received a message that the guy was in a meeting and would call back after an hour. Guess what! I did not get any calls the entire day. He called me the next day saying that the items would be sent that same day. So, I waited again. They arrived with the item late in the evening and dumped all the material inside my house. Those were fragile items and were not properly packed. I was worried what if they broke and wanted them to be installed as soon as possible.Later which, the guys who came with the materials asked me to call back the manager for detailed scheduling of the installation work. Because it was already late, I called the guy the next morning. That was the first number I dialled and wished that he would receive it. He did receive my call in the first attempt this time. But he asked me to wait for few days before the technicians would be free for installation. He gave me a probable date and then slept over it.When he did not call me for days, I called him back. I insisted on the work completion and he borrowed few more days from me. I had to involve my lawyer. When they received a notice from my lawyer who I had to pay extra, they started the work. This time, they were fast and they completed the installation in few days itself. After the installation was complete, I had to leave the house for a week for an official meeting arranged in another city. When I came back, I could not believe what I saw. Thankfully, I wasn’t there when the accident took place. One of the skylights had fallen off. The glass was broken and some of the parts were still stuck to the roof.There was no sign of burglar as everything else was intact. Also, I have all the alarms intact. My neighbour did hear something and tried to call me when I was away. When I reached back, he came over and explained that the accident would have taken in the middle of the day when he heard the sound of glass breaking.I called these guys and they showed no interest in returning my calls back. I kept calling them and they shut me out. I am not sure what is there with this VKR Holdings. Are they not laying their trust on genuine companies as it does not matter? I am completely confused right now. I called them and they said that they won’t help with the broken glass and I must prove that it happened on itself. This was stupid. They denied to replace the skylights and asked me pay more for redoing that one skylight.I am not stupid to make them do my home again. I called for another company and replaced all the skylights at a much cheaper cost. It did not take them more than few days to complete the task. In addition, their products are very genuine and robust. I could feel the difference in the glasses that they installed. I am done with VKR Holding and the companies that it owns. In my entire life, I have not been tortured the way this company did.This is not the first time I have been cheated, but to this length, it was unimaginable. These guys are the worst. I have never been treated like this. I would never recommend them to anyone or I would suggest not to go with any company that relates to VKR Holding. Everything and every claim made on the website about being nature friendly is a lure to make users fall for the trap. A complete bullshit company.I would like everyone to know what you would get in return for the money you pay to these companies. They would take everything from you and would not do their job properly. They can even frustrate you to the limit that you would have no choice but to sue them. A bunch of idiots who are only interested in making others cry for their own mindless choice of preferring them over others. What an irony? Never work with companies associated with VKR Holding. Or, you will have to repent the way I am right now.


VKR Holding

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