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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Wealthy Affiliate at DirtyScam.com-


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  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
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  • Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Reported Loss: 150 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Wealthy Affiliate published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I am not someone who hates affiliate marketing. There are companies that are doing good in the niche. They sell great products and reward for helping others realize the same and make the purchase. But, wealthy affiliate does not fit in this category. There are many ways to find out why. Firstly, I am one of the affiliates who joined this team and got sucked up. They ask you to pay for the membership every month and as you grow older you realize that you have been getting fu**** all this while.There is nothing more important that a regular income. And affiliate marketing helps you realize that you can do it too. While you have all the reasons to blame the niche, but the problem lies with companies that use this MLM niche to fulfil their personal gains. I joined wealthy affiliate three months ago. I was very serious about this thing. I had a job and I was working extra time to make some money with the help of wealthy affiliate. I decided to quit my job after I had made some profits out of it. But, that day never came. It is not that people are not able to make profits out of it. However, there is no way I could have gone beyond my inner voice and would have scammed others.The reason why I could not make money from this course was because it offers nothing as products. The course about setting a website that ranks best on google is all about marketing wealthy affiliates. They would tell you how you can help the company rank first and make money through the joining of affiliates under you.They have been using this strategy since its inception and have made many affiliates to join their program. All these affiliates are busy trying to make this company look all glorious online and helping in making it stronger. The course offered is very naïve. You would rather sit in the 8th standard and find the same thing being taught to you. In this world of web and digital marketing where everything revolves around how well you rank on google, what could be a best way to lead the show. Wealthy affiliate has so many affiliates who write good things about this website that it ranks so well. Isn’t it difficult to create a website with free templates? Those who are interested find options without paying for it.And, later the company asks them to patronize their company and make them the best among their competitors. Does it sound like a skill? Not to me. I have been working like crazy to find one useful thing that the company offers which does not fall for its own benefit for last three months and have failed to find it.There are many people who would think what’s wrong in making people sign up for such course. But, what if someone gives you the same shit and takes money from you. Thinking that, I feel like I am cheating others as I have been cheated.Making money is difficult and those who take wrong measures make it impossible for the ones who are trying hard using all the right methods. You would find no bad reviews about this website and who knows mine would never appear on the first page because of the high ranking this site enjoys. But, I am going to try at least.I was very excited after I read all those unbelievable things on the internet about this wealthy affiliate. I thought that this was the one course that would take me to my goals. I wanted to be an affiliate marketer but not on these terms. After joining, I realized that the company wants me to patronize it even when there were no reasons to do so.I did follow whatever I was asked to. I tried to bring more people to the program. However, those who joined did not have very much great feedback about the program. I realized that I was not the only one. These people did relate to the content that the wealthy affiliate shares. And, I understood that this was it. I did make some money but the people who joined under me made me realize that I was selling crap in exchange of real money. Some had no problems doing so and others felt the same way I am feeling right now.Also, the community isn’t very rosy. You may get stuck with problems and no one would come to help you. It is because, all of these people believe in earning money using whatsoever method it would be. Wealthy affiliate scammed me. I never had a chance to learn real skills about setting a website and writing content that sells.I only learned how to get more followers for wealthy affiliate. Because that is what this company is looking for. Some understand this sooner and some never get this feel. The rewards aren’t very great and sometimes you have to remind for mistakes in your account regarding the affiliate money you own. All these things make it even worse to work alongside this company.After I understood what this was, I cancelled my membership and decided to be on my own. I have checked for better courses and am able to find some of them. There are real people with good intention. So, why to compromise for some fraud and earn while you regret scamming others your whole life.I really wish this message to reach as many people as possible. Otherwise, it would be difficult to turn back. And, the feeling that you cheated others for your profit would haunt you for your whole life.I would insist not to join this program or you would be cheated. And, you would be employed to cheat others too. Wealthy affiliate is a scam like many other MLM scams on the internet. You will find it yourself sooner or later.


Wealthy Affiliate

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