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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Wilson Tax & Accounting at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Wilson Tax & Accounting
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone: (206) 783-8822
  • Website: http://wilsontaxexperts.com
  • Reported Loss: 3500 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Wilson Tax & Accounting published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Admittedly, I’m not one to have my paperwork ready in a timely manner. This year, I started getting them my info on April 1st. I know, my bad. Thus I was up against the wall to file my extension by April 18th, the IRS’s extended deadline for this year:I was assured by Scott Wilson that everything would be fine. He said would email me the necessary form so I could mail it in with my paltry partial payment on what I owed: By Monday morning I still don’t have a form. 4PM on the due date still nothing. I figure they’re slaving away and working late so I should be getting it any minute.I get the Office-Is-Closed recording. What? What accounting office closes at 5pm on Tax Day? There’s no contact info to get a hold of anyone for emergencies. I try calling again. Now I’m frantically scouring their website for any after-hours contact information. Nothing.I decide to drive to their office – someone has to be staying late right? Wrong. Sign on door with after hours contact info? Nope. HOW CAN THEY BE CLOSED AND UNAVAILABLE on what is probably the most important day for accountants???Tuesday, April 19th, I have yet to get a hold of someone. Apparently working until 5PM on Tax Day was so exhausting, they needed the day off.Wednesday, April 20th – still no response to my frantic emails and phone calls.11:58AM – I finally get someone on the phone. Scott takes my call. There’s no real apology. Just a “the office was in such an uproar, I’m surprised only 1 client fell through the cracks. That’s pretty good. Heh heh heh…” Well, not when that client is me!I’m told I will get the form, I’m to send in what I’m paying, I’ll get penalized but Wilson will take care of it. Don’t worry. Great. Problem solved right? Not so fast.The IRS bill comes. There’s a penalty. The invoice from Wilson comes. I pay it minus the IRS penalty charge amount. Boy does THIS get a response:“As I remember the situation, you brought us your tax information on the last day. We typically file 100 extensions on that day and most of those are taxes that came in over the previous two weeks and we just could not get them finished on time. In the chaos that is tax day, yours was the one that slipped through the cracks. Of course I feel bad, but I do not feel responsible for your penalty.”Again, while last minute, my tax information was NOT brought in on the last day and I have the emails to prove it. Also, if they had a problem with when I brought in my information, I should have been told at that time. I could then choose to A – take my chances. Or B – take my paperwork to H&R Block along with everyone else filing last minute and have avoided this penalty.I was not told there would be a problem. In fact, I was assured everything would be fine.I am still receiving bills from Wilson and hoping to somehow get this resolved.I will update this post if and when a resolution is made.


Wilson Tax & Accounting

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